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    Filament Brand Preferences and Resellers

    I like eSun for ABS, PC, and Nylon filaments; it's good enough for the stuff I print and sells for a reasonable price. I don't print PLA, and I never got good results with eSun PETG. For temperature, I usually just stick to the middle of the recommendation for my filament then adjust from there...
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    X-Wing and Tie Fighter - GOG - Out Tomorrow!

    The crap sound quality and 'generic' CD audio were major downgrades going to the Tie Fighter Collector's CD edition from the original. Thankfully, both can be fixed with Tie Fighter Reconstructed. It doesn't fix the lack of iMUSE (so no dynamically changing music), but it's still one hell of an...
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    Why Don't We Feel Guilty In Video Games?

    The disassociation from role playing as someone else implicitly encourages players to not make the same moral choices as in real life. If I'm playing as a character, then I'm not playing as myself.
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    Patrick Norton And Shannon Morse Launch TekThing

    I remember when it was called ZDTV and the Screen Savers had Kate Botello.
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    Are you A Digital Hoarder?

    My many years of being stuck on dial-up when most people got broadband have shaped me into a digital hoarder. I would make sure to save everything because re-downloading it would waste bandwidth that could be used to download something else. I would only delete things if I'm absolutely sure I...
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    Sony Gives In To Hackers

    It sucks that the "terrorists have won", but the theaters and Sony are businesses - I don't expect them to stand up to anything that could open up a big-ass can of liabilities if something went down.
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    Valve Apologizes As Hatred Greenlight Campaign Returns

    Steam should have a a very clear and objective set of guidelines and policies as to what's acceptable on their service and what's not. Valve sounds like they're essentially winging it - which certainly doesn't do developers any favors when they have to guess whether they'll be banned for any...
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    Microsoft Pulls Buggy Patch Tuesday Updates

    Seems that KB3004394 was pulled sometime prior to last night since none of my 2008 R2 systems have it installed. It's a good thing I waited a couple days, though I really should wait at least a week from now on unless it's absolutely critical.
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    FBI Demands New Powers To Hack Into Computers

    The scary thing is: the technology already exists. Replace pre-cogs with massive data mining operations, databases, and behavioral filters and Minority Report starts looking an awful lot like a prophecy. The same data used to sell you personalized ads today may be used to get you arrested in...
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    New College Class: 'Wasting Time on the Internet'

    This should be an online class!
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    Anyone have any Logitech warranty experience?

    My only experience with Logitech's warranty was surprisingly positive. The wireless receiver for my mouse died and they sent me a new one - not a new receiver but the entire retail packaging for the mouse. I didn't even have to send the old one back.
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    Microsoft Unveils First Look At Windows 10

    Skipping 9 aside, at least they kept the name simple with incrementing numbers instead of coming up with some new "trendy" brand, or completely tossing all naming sense and calling it "Windows 8 R2 Update 1" (which I'm sure they'll still do for the server version).
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    You’ll Need 165Mbps Internet in Just 6 Years

    What I "need" and what I can get are two completely different things.
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    The Mystery Of TrueCrypt's Disappearance

    Maybe you have nothing to hide now. However, something that's perfectly legal or acceptable today may not be tomorrow - and you may not even know about it until it's too late. Call me paranoid if you'd like, but I'd much prefer to use whatever countermeasures I can to stay in control of my...
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    The Military Wants To Build Robots With Morals

    I want robots to act like robots - unfeeling and sticking to what they're programmed to do. Trying to make them emulate human morals is arrogant and introduces unnecessary unpredictability.