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    Scoop Poop For Free Wi-Fi?

    I have a pet dinosaur ;p
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    iPads Break When You Drop Them On Concrete!

    Fucking morons, what the fuck did you think was going to happen ...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    very nice JL
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    960T unlock Sabertooth 990FX how to overclock asus 990fx, asus tech guru
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    Peeing Frenchman Sues Google

    wee wee little pee pee how does your garden grow ......... hey frenchie your asparagus smells like piss :D
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    Stupid Bulletproof Vest Video of the Day

    lol yeah I noticed the DW ceiling.
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    Tesla Downplays Danger of 'Bricked' Battery

    Tesla Brickster, 40 grand for a replacement battery , fuck that.
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    Hard Drive Prices Soar 28 Percent After Thai Floods

    My pr0n collection is gettting expensive :p It would be nice if SSD prices came down.
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    Epic Fan Made Video: The Battle For Skyrim

    NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Best Buy Closing U.S. Stores, Opening Stores In China

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass BB.
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    Like Having 176 Floppies On Your Keychain!

    I LOL at the price .... the good ole days.
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    Credit Card Companies To Sell Your Purchase Data To Advertisers

    Glad I buy all my sex toys using paypal :D
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    Huge Military Blimp Getting Ready To Fly and Spy

    strap a few solar panels on that bad boy and fly almost indeffinitly.
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    Alleged LulzSec Hacker Released on Bail

    lol, couldn't have been to fucking bright ..... he got caught. kid needs to be taken out behind the wood shed.