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    5700XT driver situation August 2020

    ran a 5700 flashed to XT for months and months, zero issues. I liked the radeon software better than nvidia too. i ended up getting 2070 super and selling the 5700, because my 2019 OLED C9 only supported gsync.
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    Any pro fps players here?

    Most pros run a low res like 1024x728, and they use 240hz monitors. The lower the response rate the better, so 1ms G2G IPS or TN monitor is your best bet. Get headphones with a wide soundstage, and wireless gaming mouse like the Logitech G Pro wireless. Nothing beats game sense, reaction time...
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    What's the latest on AMD's driver issues for the RX 5600 XT and similar models?

    I've had a vanilla 5700 for aproximately 6 months, no drivers issues... it was just used to game and drive an LG OLED tv for gaming. Sold it only because I realize the OLED only worked with Gsync, so I picked up a 2070 super.
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    1080ti to a rx580? Am I crazy?

    Imo the RX 570 is a much better value. I bought one from bhphoto for 118 shipped no tax with 2 free games and 8GB of GDDR5. Sold both free games and it runs all my steam titles on my 1080p60hz tv just fine with high even utlra high settings.
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    Upgrading from 970: 56? 2060? 1070ti? 1660ti? 1080? 64? 1070?

    ^ I woudln't pay more than 200$ for a 1060,
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    Need a firewall appliance with certain abilities

    pfsense with pfBlockerNG package, i use it to block China, Russia, Ukraine ip's with GeoIP feature.
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    Hackers Use Stolen Credentials from Data Breaches to "Hack" a Nest Thermostat

    The term hack lost all meaning a decade ago. What was hacking was really "cracking", but media and culture just completely misappropriated the word. Most of serious InfoSec professionals shun being called hackers, and we can tell poseurs who called themselves hackers from a mile away...
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    Report Claims Huawei Tried to Steal Screen Hardening Tech

    Ain't my job to personally convince you of anything. If you don't trust experts then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's like flat earthers asking me to prove the world is round or antivaxx asking me to prove vaccines are safe. Tons of available info online, and years of research done. Enjoy the Huawei phones...
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    Report Claims Huawei Tried to Steal Screen Hardening Tech

    Poland arrest 2 Huawei people for being spies. Czech Spy agencies openly call ZTE and Huawei products a National Security Threat...
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    Report Claims Huawei Tried to Steal Screen Hardening Tech

    Being ethnically Chinese and working in the InfoSec field, I find most westerner's naivety hilarious. In the west we're used to the Government and Corporations being separate entities, in China there is no such distinction. Not gonna mince words. Huawei is a front for Chinese Military...
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    Report Claims Huawei Tried to Steal Screen Hardening Tech

    Whatever you gotta tell yourself. But what do I know? I'm just a lowly computer security researcher.
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    Report Claims Huawei Tried to Steal Screen Hardening Tech

    They even give you a free backdoor for the Chinese government to use!
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    Four days after launch, AMD's Radeon VII is still not widely available

    Hot new video card sells out on launch debut! News at 10
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    Nvidia Unveils 75W Tesla T4

    Should we tell him?
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    Netgear Nighthawk X8 - $130?

    scam bro