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    Comcast data caps are coming in January all over the place

    Wrong. It's local Communism, bud. If it were capitalism, any ISP that wanted to lay fiber could do so. Prices would be much lower and speeds much higher. That's how it works in Europe. The telcos have contracts with local governments to prevent competition. I am all for capitalism - this...
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    Comcast data caps are coming in January all over the place

    I just got a notice that I was at 75% of that and I don't download anything, but I do a ton of work with databases over VPN, which must be driving up my usage. Fucking bullshit! Can they even do this if you are mid-contract? Good news for me is that I have options. Commiecast can stuff it.
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    TSMC Approves 3.5 Billion Dollar Arizona Foundry

    Some was paid already.
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    Microchipping humans

    Two A
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    Crysis Next Teased, a Free-to-Play Battle Royale FPS

    Crysis = $ Fortnite = $ Crysis x Fortnite = $$ It's simple math, for crying out loud! ;)
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    Microsoft Internal Documents - Permanent Work From Home

    Best consensus I have read was: Introvert: WFH = good Extrovert: WFH = bad Introverts are happy just doing their work. Extroverts like a to create a lot of (mostly) useless meetings and spend time chit chatting to cultivate relationships. Admittedly, for some job roles, this is necessary...
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    Intel's supposedly RTX 3070-level GPU, the Xe DG2, is running in its labs right now

    Sure. Unless they stole some designs from nVidia or AMD, how did they make this giant leap in technology? Intel has been hyping their GPUs for decades and they always end up being duds.
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    [WCCF] [IgorsLab] Alleged performance benchmarks for the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT "Big Navi" graphics card have been leaked out.

    AMD can more easily sell GPUs now without heavy discounts, because they have improved their brand awareness by winning in the CPU market. Winning in the GPU market is going to magnify that benefit. I figured Navi would be a hit, because they are talking about dropping $30BN on Xilinx. They...
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    Department of Justice Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

    True, but is Google even a "North American company?" These companies will eventually be based in tax sheltered countries or pay no taxes, if they are not already. How many people realize that Apple is really a Jersey island company? What is the solution? Eventually they become like MomCorp in...
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    India shows off new home-grown CPU – but at 100MHz, 32-bit and 180nm, it’s a bit of a clunker

    Better they develop a homegrown industry than outsource those grown in their home to international industries. Only product I have bought that knowingly came from India was a shirt. At least this is a start.
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    Researchers found the manual for the world's oldest surviving computer

    Heard about it. Fancy watch. Sounds like the Z4 helped develop the first jets and rocket technology? Now that's cool.
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    Cramer’s lightning round: Micron Tech is the one chipmaker everyone hates

    In other words, he is all in on gold and silver miners (where everyone should be). ;) Stay the heck away from the stock market. It doesn't even keep up with inflation. Gold has outpaced the market by >2.5x over the last 20 years. Look at what physical silver did after the 2008 crash... Micron...
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    Softbank selling ARM to Nvidia, finally after year of speculation...

    Lots of speculation. Numerous possibilities. Controlling ~75% of mobile phone processor and almost being able to build their own phones. They can increase licensing fees and shut down competitors as well. Providing the core components for consoles will make them more competitive in consoles...
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    Yes, a Pregnancy Test Can Run Doom and Skyrim

    So he only used the housing and the board doesn't fit in it. Waste of time - not a success.