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    We all need a little more of this in our lives. NFT Market Collapses Just As Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider To Bet Big On Blockchain

    I'm for crypto. ...but NFTs are stupid. The concept might make sense if there was one cryptocurrency and there wasn't the ability to simply copy the file and list it somewhere else - there is no uniqueness about them! Great, there is an ape at XXX block on the AVAX blockchain. What's to stop...
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    EKWB Lays Off 25% of Workforce, Blames Lower Watercooling Sales

    Started off on silent aircooling, while heavily overclocking. Alot can be done with sound deadening, redirecting exhaust sound downward, running on carpet/rug and buying a case that helps with this (ideally steel, no window, no top exhaust ports, front with cover over air intakes - i.e. an old...
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    AMD 6X50 Series Info Leaked

    ASIC miners for Ethereum making GPU mining nearly obsolete, much like they did for Bitcoin 11 years ago. Also the ever-delayed change to POS for Ethereum is allegedly near, which would have the same effect. GPU prices have been plummeting. Gamers can rejoice. Yes, I know someone will come along...
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    "The Controversial Gun Motherboard": Gigabyte G1 Assassin Lga2011 4-Chan Memory Support Rare Motherboards X79 Chipset

    Never seen the memory on both sides of the socket. That's a killer looking design. MSI is my go to for boards. They may not always offer the ultimate in overclocking flexibility, but I've had enough dead ASUS boards and unstable Gigabyte boards that I am done with those brands. MSI has been rock...
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    Nvidia hit with a Major Cyberattack

    Start a new thread. That has all kinds of implications, too. No more locked bootloaders on Samsung devices?
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    Nvidia hit with a Major Cyberattack

    Not sure what dictionary you got this from, but... "in" latin root that basically translates to "not" "un" old english root that basically translated to "not" Also, if you look up the base words you get... 1. credible - capable of being believed 2. believable - capable of being believed...
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    Nvidia hit with a Major Cyberattack

    Well you have to give your users access to the data somehow. How would such a system work? Users login to a virtual environment that has an encrypted connection to somewhere else? Adds latency, time and complexity. Even if you made some fake honeypot for hackers totally separate, how much...
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    Intel, AMD, and ARM have joined forces to develop a universal interconnect standard for Chiplets

    Mix and match of parts from various vendors... That sounds like a really good thing to me. Otherwise, you have a potential for a monopoly. I suppose this works if the spec is open like USB and any vendor has the potential to design?
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    Microsoft to Remove Ability to Install Win 11 Pro Without Being Online and Signing in to Microsoft Account

    Windows Update? True for most people. They don't care about their privacy. Unless you are installing an alternate OS on your phone and not using crApple or Google's apps you can't prevent this. Microsoft practically owns the workplace, too.
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    Microsoft to Remove Ability to Install Win 11 Pro Without Being Online and Signing in to Microsoft Account

    People already gave up privacy with 10 - telemetry that can't be turned off. If you haven't already moved to Linux, get used to it or make a change.
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    AMD Surpasses Intel Market Cap

    AMD is higher because they have been kicking ass.
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    Intel Arc Alchemist Xe-HPG Graphics Card with 512 EUs Outperforms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (Leak)

    Benchmarks from the Arc A380 (DG2). A7XX forthcoming: Looks like it's about half an RTX 3050 in performance in the SiSoft overall GpGPU test and close to RX 6500 XT.
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    MLID shouts out [H]ardocp - AMD’s fake MSRP

    Since AMD finally passed Intel in market cap is it time to make Intel my "buddy?"
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    Crucial Ballistix is officially dead

    Rebranding - I can live with that. Micron (American company) offers some great, affordable memory options. I also appreciated the non-blinginess of Ballistix. I don't buy memory for LEDs - I buy it for performance.
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    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    Agreed. However, Newegg was doing well before they were bought out. They tried to launch an IPO, but it was right after the economy tanked from the real estate market - worst time to launch IPOs. Owner possibly just wanted to cash out. He temporarily stepped down right before the IPO attempt was...