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    Replacing HX850 fan

    could you maybe hook the fan up directly to the rear end of one of the 12v molex connectors coming out of it? on the inside of the PSU?
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    Lian Li PC-X900 thread....

    not sure if there is much of a market for cases that dont have built-in 5.25in drive bays. i thought about running an external dvd drive so that i could use all my 5.25 drive bays for HDDs but i dont think many people would want that. on another note, looking for confirmation that a HW labs...
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    vegetable oil for my watercooling actually works

    im going to have to say that this is an AWESOME quote.
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    Pirate Bay Convictions Upheld

    i also use pirated games to demo them before i buy. i also tend to not like most mainstream games. the only people being stolen from that i can see are the idiots buying "beats by dre" headphones. wait, thats not relevant.
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    Pirate Bay Convictions Upheld

    i use pirated music to see which albums i want to buy, and which ones i do not. i want to know that the next album from a band that i used to like isnt shit before i buy it. cuz if it turns out to be shit, i will regret buying it from a store, and giving the band money for creating music i...
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    vegetable oil for my watercooling actually works

    well that was a fail. but still, i dont understand any of your guys' thinking. like what the heck does boiling point have to do with how good a water cooling fluid something is? (assuming you NEVER reach that point.)
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    vegetable oil for my watercooling actually works

    so many people talking out of their asses. do people not know how to google? wikipedia will explain specific heat to whoever has a computer (everyone on this forum) TRUTHS: Specific Heat = the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a substance by 1*C. a higher specific heat...
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    "Intel Plans 1,000-Core Processors -- But How Fast Will They Be?"

    would it be practical to have variable-core processors that act like 10 cores when needed, or when one has a heavy load, it can act like only three?
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    What Do You Want from Windows 8?

    a built in game console (like steam, but not steam) better multi-monitor support (make it so that you can do that half-screen thing even when using two monitors. maybe the best way would be to add a "portal" that moves your mouse from one desktop to another) and a built-in BitLord-like...
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    My first i720 OC @ 4.2ghz with Corsair H50 - small writeup and review

    the H50 is def. a very capable cooler. i run the pump at 100% and cant hear it. two scythe SSF21G (i think... something like that) the 1800 rpm with a shroud on each side is a very good cooling solution. i am still doing full blown water cooling in the near future though. just cuz it sounds fun. =P
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    Worth it to go water?

    i think a lot of people do it for the coolness factor, and/or a need to "tinker" i definitely need to tinker, and building a water cooling loop was a fun tinkering experience. plus, my computer will be crazy silent and my temps will be better, which is a plus. i was running an h50 with a delta...
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    GTX580 official benchmarks

    its only misleading to start at a number other than zero if you dont do that zig-zag line thing... i hope someone knows what im talking about. haha which they didnt do. someone should edit it in to make it more accurate
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    New High-end Workstation

    just bump this same thread in a few months =P
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    would like to say that people have started using 550/450 paracord to sleeve wires. totally forgot my camera in my girl's car, so i cant post a pic, but today i sleeved a fan in this and it looks slick. got the idea from a post on
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    man, that is an AWKWARD looking case. looks like bad design to me. i would def use the bottom for a radiator.