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    RTX 3060 12GB

    We built a rig for my wife spring 2018 and I remember paying a little over 400 CAD for a 1060. Felt absolutely gutted back then. Sold it for 300 a couple weeks ago (almost 3 years later). Edit: RAM prices were also batshit crazy IIRC. As in almost double year-on-year (had built mine a year before).
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    I'm not even mad ... that's amazing

    They shipped my 3080 pretty well. Its box bubble wrapped inside another box. Crossed the continent just fine.
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    6700k paired with 3080 (bottleneck?)

    And available.
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    Best option for adding 2nd HDMI port w/ 3090

    Index is DP too.
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    EVGA Queue Discussion

    Got 3 emails from EVGA so far. Only signed up for the initial 3080 models (no Hybrid, WC or Kingpin) and the initial 3060 Tis for a buddy. Got a mail for a 3080 XC3 Ultra which I have in my rig. The model I wanted, too, after FE... Nov 16th. Also got a mail for 2 3060Tis, the 2 fans XC version...
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    Question about an old 1080TI and 11 gig

    1080Ti is HDMI 2.0b isn't it?
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    Evga RMA Process.

    I contacted them via email during Xmas time about unusual whining with my card (which turned out being an issue with the electricity in the room I moved my office in) and they replied the next day or the one after with an RMA ticket already opened and everything if I ever wanted to go that...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    There you go.
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    Evga 3080 xcs Display Port numbering? Credit: some redditor
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Got an email for the 3060 Ti FTW3 this morning. It's the second 3060Ti email I got (2 fans version about a week ago).
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    So.....who's buying a 3070?

    3070 will be great for 1440p 144hz! What are you upgrading from?
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    Running 2 graphics cards?

    Since both will use the same drivers it shouldn't be too much trouble. You also have the iGPU option (make sure it's activated in bios) as a last resort.
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Sony wants to bring more exclusives to PC as well.
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    8 or 12 gigs

    My first GPU I bought was a 8500LE 128MB, instead of IIRC a 9600 or something. I, however, had the excuse of being 13 and having no smartphone at that time😅