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    MAGMA: 256GB Kingston SSD for $139 at NewEgg

    Tell me about it. I bought a 256gb M4 in like February, the first time they went on sale for $280. That was when their normal price and similar drives were ~$360. At that time $280 was a blazing deal. It's a great drive so I have no regrets, but 2 months later it's dropped $100 on sale.
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    NEWEGG: Crucial M4 256 $180 or Sandisk Extreme 240 180

    I bought a 256GB M4 back at the very end of February for $280, and that was a ridiculous deal at the time, the drive normally retailed for ~$350 at this point. Dropping another $100 in less than 4 months is crazy. $180 for these drives is insane.
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    BitFenix new Mini ITX Lan-Party Case

    For some reason, whenever I see smaller cases talked about size in liters, all I can think about how much soda would fit inside it.
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    Best headset?

    Is the Sennheiser PC360 a big step above the PC350's? I got this pack about a year ago, and have been thinking about upgrading to a pair of the PC360's, but not sure if it's worth the upgrade price.
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    Advice: Dell 2412M vs 2 x HP LP2065 vs 2x HP LP2275W

    Thanks for the info poindexter. Sadly, processing the order through the Canada Small Business, doesn't look like it will allow me to get it shipped to a US address. As well as the initial discount expires tomorrow, and the 10% off coupon the day after that. I'm not looking to pull the trigger...
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    Advice: Dell 2412M vs 2 x HP LP2065 vs 2x HP LP2275W

    I'm looking at purchasing some monitors soon, and was wondering if you'd share where you found 2412's for $270? Best I can find is ~$315 from the Dell Small Business store after a coupon code, and that expires in a week.
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    No i7 3820 talk?

    Damn. I'm on 1366 right now, and plan on upgrading soon. I would have loved to go to 2011, but I just can't justify spending $600 on the 3930K. I have no use for a hex core. Hell, I have no use for the advantages of a 2011 setup over a 1155 either... Looks like a nice 1155 setup it is.
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    No i7 3820 talk?

    I'm a little out of the loop. Are there any plans for something such as a 3820K? Or any other unlocked quad core SB-E chip, in the $300 - $400 range coming out soon?
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    I7 920 @ 4000 worth it to upgrade?

    I'm on a 950, and am having the same urge as you. I'm having a hard time not buying a 970 now that they're going for ~$400 - $450 on eBay...
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    Vega's Quad-SLI 3GB GTX580 sub-zero liquid cooled build

    Mmm... I'd love something like this for my house. Unfortunately, I don't have ~$200k to blow :(
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    Is anyone seriously considering the gigabyte assassin series

    I'd have to agree with this. I'm not a fan of the looks, the design of it looks like it's aimed at teenagers, who will think having a gun shaped heatsink is cool. Which contradicts the price, what teenage is going to have that much to blow on a motherboard? It does have a nice set of...
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    recommend me a good all in one kit

    Let us know how it turns out. Those kits are generally pretty good, since they use solid parts. Not like the horrendous Thermaltake all in one kits that plagued the market a few years ago.
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    Corsair: 650D

    Didn't even think to check my local Microcenter for this. I've been waiting a while for a mid tower version of the 800D, and was going to be ordering it off NewEgg soon. Looks like I'll be taking a drive to Microcenter though :)
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    Gigabyte G1.Assassin / OC Orange

    Ahh, my apologies then. I thought the G1 was a standard EATX, not XL-ATX.
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    I got an iPhone 4 - What now?

    Here's 3 sites with a ton of iPhone info. They do have a heavy focus on the jailbreaking side of things, but alot of reviews and info on the non-jailbroken side as well. As far as the keyboard, my friend wanted an actual keyboard and picked...