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    15% off eBay purchases today

    Micron 2TB SSD comes down to $300 after the code. Thanks a lot!. P.S: Maximum discount is $50.
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    Recommend me a home server

    Probably. Those posts are not relevant to each other...
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    $300-$400 pc for coding.

    Hi, I need a budget pc that can do some light coding : C#,, java, ... Mainly for web development/winform app. I sometime watch movie on my 4K 50" tv as well. (Will be using that one as monitor) Can someone suggest me one? Thanks.
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    Which AV & Firewall for win 10?

    I use AVG Zen which is sold for free at Frys like a month ago. Works well.
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    Opening files downloaded in Edge crashed the Edge itself and I had to force close.
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    Where do you live and have you recieved your areas W10 update rollout yet

    I live in Texas, installed the Windows 10 at around 10PM CDT, 1 hour before the scheduled hour of Microsoft.
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    I wonder if it is just me or windows 10 has messed up my keyboard a bit. Every time I type in my email address, for example: "" it won't type the @ first, but like this "" So I have to type the "@" twice to get that character. Also, sometime it capitalizes all my...
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    DPI handling is bad i must say. I user viber a lot and on my dell, 1800p is an impossible task for viber to scale up. I zoom the icon up to 150%, viber is now readable but when i sign out as being told, everything goes back to tiny bit :mad:
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    For those who are experiencing Windows 10 (either Home or Pro version), is there any problem you have faced so far using it? Anything you like about it? For me, every time my laptop boots, disk load runs up to 100%, which makes me feel so worried. Importing bookmarks from other browsers to...
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    How big is your Windows 10 pre-load folder?

    I believe you tried locating the Windows.~BT and ran the set up file? How about locating the GWX file and run every *.exe files you found in there? It should makes the script which is used to scan thru and check the validity of your system runs again. The the upgrade progress should be restarted...
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    How big is your Windows 10 pre-load folder?

    Restart your pc. I did it and wait for a minute, then click the Get Windows 10 button again and it gets installed.
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    How big is your Windows 10 pre-load folder?

    Mine reaches 5.79GB on DELL XPS 13 2015. However it gets stuck at "Preparing for the upgrade - Please wait" for like 40 minutes already.
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    Asus Zenbook UX305 or Dell XPS 13?

    I dont know, as i already lost my trust in HP last year after I ordered an HP Spectre and had problem with the battery and charging port 4 times in a row (4 replacements, then gave up and returned for full refund). So, I have used Dell xps 13 2013 model, and now upgraded to the 2015 model...
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    Amazon’s First Ever Prime Day Breaks Global Records

    I got an acer tablet and a syberia headset. Tempted to get the samsung 4K and vizio 4K but backed off...
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    Asus Zenbook UX305 or Dell XPS 13?

    I got the qhd model and i really like it so far. Battery still lasts me around 5 hours with basic uses like web browsing, documenting and a little of coding so it will work for me. It's just that the adaptive brightness annoys me too much. :(