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    Blowing the whistle on AMDs Flute.

    Maybe the future of overclocking will be on consoles.
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    The Death of Overclocking is Nigh...(we knew it was coming)

    Tbf Silicon Lottery basically wrote they were seeing their own death in terms of doing overclocking on chips manually, which you would know if you read the article. With that said, Ranger is incorrect, you still need better cooling, you don't need to fiddle with settings anymore as that day is...
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    The Death of Overclocking is Nigh...(we knew it was coming) So apparently according to GN, using better cooling, i.e lowering temps and allowing the CPU to do all the work from stock, so no modification of any settings whatsoever, and it will auto-clock...
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    Intel Core i9-10900K - 10 Core Is Coming

    Forbes is basically a blogger site now tbh.
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    Intel Core i9-10900K - 10 Core Is Coming

    Fake but cause the names are dumb as shit
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    The people with money to spend on a 9900k, 2080ti and who will overclock to 5 Ghz is small as shit. The amount of gamers with 4 cores is still the majority of the world, the most GPUs sold are mid-range, so budget matters. And if budget matters.....the money going for a 9900k can go instead to...
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    Dont worry the R&D cost of the new mobos is going to be repaid with the customers who need PCIe 4.0, including that lovely server and data center money. As it is, its fantastic customers dont need more beefed up mobos to get better performance. I understand the sentiment of the elite hardware...
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    Even Intel only guarantees one core boost clocks.
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    Exactly. We got people here nitpicking about about how Intel is gonna crush with some manual overclocking when the absolutely majority of people who buy into the K processors don't even overclock them in the first place, wasting so much easy performance and we have AMD being more consumer...
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    And I promise you the vast majority of consumers, even the 9900k and 2080ti buyers probably won't overclock. For those people, buying a Ryzen and a 2080ti is a no-brainer in terms of cost, performance, and out of the box tinkering.
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    For people who tinker and know generally what they are buying, no OC headroom is bad I guess, but for the vast majority of consumers, especially the full system buyers, if they don't ever go near the Bios, having OC headroom is absolutely wasted so if AMD makes it useless to manually overclock...
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    I made this post in a prior thread, but it's worth noting that unless your budget is unlimited, you are better off getting a Ryzen 3000 vs a 9900k, then toss the savings from not getting Intel into going up a GPU bracket, which again gives you more gaming performance than if you brought the...
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    German Site Jumps the Gun on Ryzen 3000 Benchmarks

    With that it's also extremely important to emphasize that most bottlenecks are in the GPU, and in general while CPU is important, most people gaming really need to see that the $100 between the 9900k and the 9700k could put you up a GPU bracket and that would have far more effect on their...
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    Steam Hardware Survey updated with GPUs

    Its been a whole year since this post. Lets see how stuff stacks this time.... From Oculus, their hardware data as of June 21, from the last 28 days. GPU: 92.2% Nvidia, 7.8% AMD (+0.2%) CPU: 84.0% Intel, 16% AMD (+4.6%) May: CPU: Intel 81.8% (-1.9%) AMD 18.2% (+1.9%) GPU: Nvidia 75.0%...
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    The Division 2 12% discount and the free game offer.