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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    I ordered from bigclothcraft on Friday night, he shipped it on Sunday and I received my monitor on Tuesday.
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    What are the best apps everyone is using for their Android phone?

    You are probably thinking of tasker.
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    Anyone drop Sero to get an Evo 4g? So basically... 1) SERO Premium plan customers - $40 per month NOTHING CHANGES. Still $40 per month. Any non-4G phone can be activated...
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    Boss IE2 - thoughts?
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    Empire and Napoleon Game of the Year Edition for £6

    Direct2Drive's UK page is currently selling Empire and Napoleon Game of the Year Edition for £7.50 Enter "VATFREE" for 20% off during checkout to bring it down to £6 The keys provided by D2D...
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    Steam Sale Live now!

    You got pm.
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    Steam Sale Live now!

    You got PM
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    Fallout New Vegas Digital Collector's Edition $34.95 at D2D

    Remember to type in the coupon code "LOAD15" to bring it down to $29.71.
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    The Civilization V Thread

    Whelp... got to play 20 mins with the Aztecs so far(just running around and exploring the UI and killing barbarians). Now I must go to work before I really do call in sick :D
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    User-based Coverage Information

    Go here to register so that you can login to the app.
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    Getting a new Verizon phone...

    Supposedly EOL at the end of next month.
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    Dawn of War II for £5.00

    "Artificer" Wargear: From the battle standard of the Blood Ravens to a mighty heavy bolter and a deadly chainsword, these five exclusive pieces of wargear give all your squads the edge against their countless enemies. Blood Ravens Battle Standard "Scourge of Xenos" Heavy Bolter "Purifier...
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    Dawn of War II for £5.00

    Plug the bonus key into the Games for Windows Live client. It gives the Artificer Wargear Set. If you get an error while trying to download the wargear set, see this post.
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    Dawn of War II for £5.00

    Where: Confirmed that the key can be activated on steam. (currently downloading myself) Credits to exitbutton on SD
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    Heroes of Newerth Beta Invites (2 to give away)

    Just received a couple more invites to give away as well. PM me with your email for a invite.