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    Metro Exodus Settings and APIs Tested

    I still want to know if the end game performance on the Radeon 7 scales as the benchmark suggest it would. I hear him saying it, but don't see graphs to prove it....
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    AMD Says Partners Are "Free to Develop" Custom Radeon VII GPUs

    water cooled radeon 7.......
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    Machinima Is Shutting Down, With 81 Staffers Laid Off

    It's either. 1. They people didn't own those works anymore, so why should they be allowed to steal from the current owner? 2. If a creative person didn't save a copy of their work they still had the rights to, then their an idiot and 24 hours wouldn't have saved them. Lets be honest your...
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    Does Adjusting Graphics Settings Lower Than the Game Allows Constitute Cheating?

    What if you just have a crappy video card that doesn't support all the render extensions (which sounds like what this does)
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    why won't the floppy port accept my cash so i can order a Radeon 7??????
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    Blizzard Tests Twitch Chat Linking in Overwatch

    sorry I missed the word "actually" in the original quote.
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    Blizzard Tests Twitch Chat Linking in Overwatch

    With out a linked account you will not be able to talk in the twitch chat.
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    Blizzard Tests Twitch Chat Linking in Overwatch

    They got to find someway to stop people talking about how Blizzard looks like a company collapsing.....
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    Fallout 76 Has Built in Speed Hacks Because the Physics Engine Is Tied to Its Framerate

    physics tied to frame rate, what have we gone back to 92??? spawn the physics off into a separate thread and fully decouple it.... lazy developer.....
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    AMD to Showcase SMACH Z Handheld Gaming Console at the Tokyo Game Show

    This thing is in my market vision, Due to rural internet I need to download my steam games elsewhere and this can do that. I can also install some decent fighting games maybe super hexagon And with windows 10 I can encrypt the drive for safety.... Looks over at emulator sites and says nothing....
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    Many Rural Americans Lack Access to High Speed Internet in Their Area

    Websites are way way too fat. Running noscript and adblockerplus at least brings them down to overloaded. Most of the se websites could be cut in half and no one would notice (from a display point of view)
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    Google Slammed for Chrome Change That Strips Out "WWW" from Domains

    Seamonkey is my browser of choice. Chrome has been horrible, trash for me for a while, 2 tabs open and it pulls a GiB of memory, Eats CPU time, Spies on you, chrome == trash
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    Intel Spectre Vulnerabilities Now Have a Release Schedule

    For everyone no thinking your home computer in insecure, remember there are some legit ways this code can be run on your computer through your browser. In reality the only unpatched systems should be those with no network.
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    Monster Hunter: World PC Requirements Leaked

    yawn, a year later... if it sells a 100k copies i will be surprised.
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    $100 DLC Comes With Password Stealing Malware for DRM

    Is any worse than red shell tracking you when the software is running and linking you back to all the major information brokers? If they would have used Red Shell they could have just verified the name with the registration key and banned them..