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    Does Metacritic Really Matter Today

    RAGE isn't bad, it's just not what was promised. We were promised this huge open world awesomefest and we got nothing like that, just a by-the-numbers linear progression shooter, which is fine and all but they should have marketed it like that. Also once you learn headshots are worthless and...
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    Does Metacritic Really Matter Today

    I check to see if a game is good, not what Metacritic says. Considering over 70% of "Game review" sites are nothing but SJW's pushing agenda's, Metacritic scores mean nothing. If you want to know what people really think of a game, wait till a week or two after release and check out 4chan/8chan.
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    It's Time To Embrace Wireless Gaming Mice you can pick up a 32ft USB 2.0 active repeater cable for $20
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    Feds Walk Into A Building. Demand Everyone's Fingerprints To Open Phones

    Correct, the states government cannot make a person give up their password in order to decrypt a locked phone, however, the government is allowed to use means within the law to try to break the phone such as reverse engineering, code breaking etc. What they did was illegal however is that they...
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    Feds Walk Into A Building. Demand Everyone's Fingerprints To Open Phones

    I've said it for years, if you want to keep something secure: -Never keep it on a phone/tablet etc, they can be easily broken -Never use a "Quick access" feature such as voice or thumb prints, they can be exploited -If you need to secure files, use 7zip with its highest compression setting with...
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    Drone-Hunting Drone Video of the Day

    That drone is barely moving, even $100 self built kits can hit over 30mph, higher kits at $500 can hit over 100mph
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    People Not Thrilled With The 'YouTube Heroes' Initiative

    Wikipedia the editors in control of the website is the people who make the most edits, and look at the total crapfest that's become
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    What 'Optimization' Really Means In Games

    >Bringing Planetside 2 into it and saying all the performance increases was just because lowering textures Planetside 2 on launch ran on one, repeat, ONE thread, and when people complained about it Smeedly went "You don't know how to program, trust me, this is as good as it gets in terms of...
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    People Not Thrilled With The 'YouTube Heroes' Initiative

    Google introduces the Wikipedia "Editors" system into youtube Man, that wasn't a total crapfest right?
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    Gawker Staffers Already Clashing With Univision After Acquisition

    SJW's that worked at Gawker finds out that the company that bought them wants nothing to do with SJW's and any pieces they write they are 100% responsible for them and this causes them to throw their bottles out of their prams and hold their breathes like the children they are. In other news...
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    DIY Manned Multicopter Drone

    Other than the terrible positioning (Should have built it with a circular design so all the props have equal influence) this just shows how much simpler = better No fancy electric motors etc, just tried and true standard gasoline motors and throttle controls
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    Why Valve Should Give Jobs To Journalists

    GG showed how and why these guys are unemployed: They're terrible at their jobs and they bring political bias into everything These are the last people who should be paid by valve to review games
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    AMD's Statement On Reports Of Radeon RX 480 Excessive Power Draw

    When you suddenly out of nowhere have ppl/websites claiming your video card will destroy everyone's computers which said remarks could and possibly will tank your company you're damn right they'll work over the 4th of July to clear their name
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    AMD's Statement On Reports Of Radeon RX 480 Excessive Power Draw

    So all in all a non-issue and again was only something that affected computers with bargain basement crap parts and was easily fixed to calm fears Just like I said two days ago Me thinks the nvidia shills be working heavy overtime (And I own a GTX1080 to boot)
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    So let me summarize how I see everything based on the information that I know Video cards historically have loaded and (in articles ppl listing for checking power such as 960GTX as comparisons) overloaded system components outside of their specs, be it power supply or mobo power draw. In the...