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    Found! WTB: Intel x299 i9 CPU and/or motherboard

    once cascade lake x is availabe in any meaningful capacity the prices should drop, im still waiting on a 10980xe so i can sell my i9 7980xe in a new rig.
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    all i know is i can take pics of the surface of the moon now on a nice clear night, my s9+ on other hand was basicly a yellow blob,
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    FS: OnePlus 6T, DDR3, HDDs

    i just got my z390 asus strix im still waiting on a 9900k to be relesed 10 days in a city 16 hrs away ><
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    SFX psu's in itx builds

    Yeah I ended up with a Evga 1000 P2 in there. I'll save this PSU for a truly SFF build then. Like the one Linus did. Valka I think it was. Ty all for clearing it up.
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    SFX psu's in itx builds

    Hi all trying to figure why this Phanteks case won't work with a corsair sf 600 sfx PSU do I need to buy a universal PSU plate? I have a Phanteks Enthoo evolve itx case.
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    FS: EVGA x299 Dark Mobo's

    Free bump sick board
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    FS: OnePlus 6T, DDR3, HDDs

    Looking i9 9900k delidded copper IHS.
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    hope they dont discontinue after android 11-12 these should be capable of more then os updates.
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    WTB: 200mm 4-pin case fan

    picked up a Noctua NF-A20 for my Phantek Evole ITX case very nice upgrade.
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    aye the S20 ultra iv pre-ordered is $2300 Cad, why i was asking for that id want to make sure im getttin most i can,
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    lol id be using the dex option plus they told me they only have 12gb version i thought i heard there was a 16gb option with 512gb of storage, plus ill have this phone for next 2+yrs wanted make sure i dont get jipped on lower vram then i could get,
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    im hoping to pick up my pre-order on the 6th but seems they only have the 12gb ram model even with the 512gb storage option is this true or should i tell em to send it back untill they get the 16gb model?
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    In Wins 14,000 dollar case

    maybe the consulted apple on pricing? charging $$$$ for everything in non standard feet lol.
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    FS: Nest Mini