NF-M2, X2 3800+ 2.9Ghz 8.5x341 1.5v max 8.5x360, Zelman 9500 AM2, G.SKILL HZ DDR2 PC2 6400 1100mhz+ 2.25v, X1800XT, Tv-Tuner, WD Raptor 36Gb 16Mb Performance HD, Samsung 40Gb Storage HD, Sony DVD-DL, HP CD-RW, FOXCON black and silver mATX case, HP LCD 17 inch, Saitek Gaming keyboard, G5 Gameing mouse, XP-SP2 (SE), XP-64 SP-1, Vista-32, Vista-64 RC2.

"It's interesting to see how pro Intel's believe in Intel's future product like a religion." And a opinion, my right! K10 40%=Intel BK 2H08. ;P