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    Upgrading Dual CPU ESXi for ZFS

    I have an 8 core host and a 6 core host, both use HT but I don't count HT for anything, only physical resources. I have two handbrake VMs, each has 4 vCPUs. While I could assign the one on the 8 core system more and then give it a host affinity so DRS doesn't move it, I try to keep things...
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    New Build: Modest Home Lab

    Just to be clear, ESXi is not meant for a system you plug monitors into outside of configuring the root password and network config. You'll need another machine to run vSphere on to manage the server. Your video card would be useless unless you pass it through to a VM, in which case I believe...
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    Upgrading Dual CPU ESXi for ZFS

    1.) There is a noticeable difference in power draw, so I would assume temps as well. 5400RPM will do you just fine, depending on your raid type. I use 12 drives in mirror mode in FreeNAS and get awesome results. All 5400RPM, mix of brands and models. 2.) URE rates are mathematical facts. If...