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    AMD RDNA 2 gets ray tracing

    I had to do the same a while back. Even at $200, multiple systems = multiple cards and it adds up.
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    Finally......AMD Ryzen Mini PC's

    let me know when Renoir desktop hits. These are all U (mobile 15 Watt) variants. I'm a fan of the HP Elite Minis and I would like to see Desktop Renoir there. I want to see the 35W or 65W variants. But AMD needs to launch first...
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    Google won't make AI for energy companies for oil and gas extraction

    Google ain't the only shop in town for AI. Supply meet demand. Some one else will provide the software expertise.
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    Free local pickup!! im down.
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    Ampere Preps 7nm 128-Core Server CPU to Take on AMD and Intel

    I thought ampere was a GPU? So confusing.
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    "Intel's "Real World" Benchmarketing 101" by AdoredTV

    After watching video, I need a hit of smack, and need to pass out on the streets of Edinburgh.
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    Rumor: 3080 31% faster than 2080 Ti

    Additionally, remember we have benches from Jan showing unknown AMD card/config beating 2080ti by sizeable percentage in VR Bench. Too early to tell performance for either RTX 3XXX or RDNA2 card. I'm...
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    Man, I miss power supply deals

    Just discovered this shortage last night. I was looking to replace a non-modular SFX PS just to reduce some clutter due to unused cables, and the prices are ridiculous -if you can even find them. good lord.
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    EA, Motive and Lucasfilm Announce Star Wars: Squadrons

    I'm betting DLC for other starwars related ships, Bwing, etc. I thought the list of flyable ships was pretty limited based on the gameplay trailer.
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    Billy Mitchell Has His Guiness Book Of World Record Scores Reinstated.

    He needs a new tie. He wears that thing everywhere.
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    EA, Motive and Lucasfilm Announce Star Wars: Squadrons

    I would be more interested in this if it had a real story driven solo campaign. Sounds like solo campaign will be a short tutorial for online multiplayer. Ugh.
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    AMD Ryzen™ 3000XT Series Processors

    Desktop Renoir please.
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    (Rumor) AMD to delay Ryzen 4000 (Zen3) until January 2021 due to Zen2 success

    So this is only Zen3 4000 Ryzen series, not Renoir 4000 series, correct? They really need to fix the APU naming to match the Zen generational nomenclature.
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    What is causing my GPUs to FRY!?

    outside of the popping issue with the power strip, did you swap video cables? I didnt see it mentioned in the post. I have had a cable fail in the past, and it was the most frustratingly mundane thing to debug.