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    Cortana Not Going Away Whether You Like it or Not

    What compelled you to google "sex with Kobe Bryant"?
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    HTC hinting at Ver 2?

    Not very ideal when you consider the heat generated by DLP
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    Disney Ditching Netflix Keeps Piracy Relevant

    I subscribe to 4 services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBONOW, and SlingTV. I suppose Disney will have to pull their channel and the streamable content off of SlingTV to make their own service viable.
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    Arizona Sunshine

    I died there more than everywhere else in the game combined. Headshots are a must and don't spam reload. Dropping a half full magazine is the worst thing you can do there. However, you can go back and pick up magazines that you may have dropped that weren't completely empty.
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    Oculus & Touch Controllers for $600 with $150 Best Buy GC

    I'm a Vive guy, but this is a great deal.
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    1500W PSU for $259

    Don't Sabre printers catch on fire?
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    Arizona Sunshine

    I play it on the Vive
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    Arizona Sunshine

    This game is pretty good. I'm about 4 hours into the campaign so far and I've enjoyed it a lot. There are some bugs here and there but this game is overall very polished compared to a lot of what's out there. I definitely recommend this title.
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    HTC's New Vive Payment Plans Diffuse the High Cost of PC Virtual Reality

    These are not consoles, they are peripherals. There is no reason a Vive and a Vive 2 or Oculus and Oculus 2 wouldn't support the same content perhaps with a few more features on the newer headsets. The only reasons to hold back a better version would be ongoing R&D, not wanting to compete with...
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    Vr pc purchase vs upgrade help needed.

    I agree with just adding the 1070. My rig is much older than yours. I have an old socket 1366 1st gen i7 Xeon w3690 and 12gb ram and it runs VR perfectly adequately with a 1070. Early adoption of i7 was the best computer purchase I've ever made. I haven't had a compelling reason for a new...
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    About wet my pants in VR

    VR is not going anywhere. Cellphone VR is too cheap and popular to fail. There will always be a market for people wanting top teir like the Vive and Rift. 3D is a poor analogy. VR is a totally different medium.
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    nVidia GT 710 for Core 2 Duo E7500

    I'd go with a q6600 super cheap from ebay. I have an old Optiplex that I did something similar with a couple years ago. I swapped the E6200 cpu with a Q6600 and added a low profile AMD 7750. It actually performs pretty well in older games.