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    Best way to get a 12900 without getting scalped?

    If any of you are still looking for a 12900, I found this link on the Intel or PCMR reddit for a 12900KF .. There was a 12900K on there...
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Is the Gigabyte Bios really as bad as everyone says it is? I've narrowed my search down to the Gigabyte Aorus Master or the MSI MEG Z690 UNIFY. Was looking at the Strix Z690-E Gaming board, but don't like the fact that the Pci-e 5.0 16x slot drops down to 8x if I install a m.2 into the top slot...
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Kinda stuck between the MSI MPG Z690 Carbon, Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master or the ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming. Have a 12900K on the way and debating on waiting to choose a board until reviews are out on Thursday, but there's always that small chance that scalpers and bots will eat up all the good...
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    Best way to get a 12900 without getting scalped?

    Check Newegg around 10-11am central time if you want to try and pre-order there. I got a 12900K pre-order in yesterday for one at 10:45am and a friend of mine got his today around 11:15am for a 12900KF. Good Luck!
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    Strange case of EVGA support. (By the way, is there an EVGA rep here that I can talk to?)

    Never had a problem with EVGA on RMAs. Video proof might be something new and it most likely helps them determine that RMA is valid and the user isn't lying and wasting their time. My PSU took a shit right before Thanksgiving where the +12v would drop all the way down to 10.2 while under load...
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    any company doing holds?

    Last I've heard is that there would be no pre-orders with the 30 series cards. Just keep an eye out towards mid-late week in case some some sites change their minds
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    RTX 3000 Series - Founder's or AIB?

    I want to see what the temp difference is between AIB and Founders 3090. The FE actually looks really interesting this time around and wouldn't mind snagging one of them if AIB isn't insanely better price/cooling wise.
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    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    Was in stock for a total of about 3-4 minutes and I picked one up :D. Should be arriving later this afternoon! I went with overnight rush shipping just in case there was some sort of issue with supply & I didn't want to receive the good ole "The card you wanted is out of stock now and you're...
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    What causes low FPS when the CPU and GFX Card are both under utilized?

    I have the same issue with my rig on Fallout 4, 5820k @4.7 and 980Ti. I think it's more of an issue with the game engine than anything.
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    New video card or something else

    Sell your 670, buy used 970 then if you still want to upgrade to Pascal next year you can sell the 970 and use those funds for Pascal :cool:. The [H] FS/T forum has always been great when it comes time for upgrades.
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    ShadowPlay + 980Ti = 595mhz Core Clock?

    Thank you :). After seeing it was an issue on my end I uninstalled and reinstalled both ShadowPlay and the nvidia drivers a few times as well as afterburner. On the 3rd attempt, whatever the issue was got fixed and now my core holds steady at the normal boost clock while recording :D. Still...
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    ShadowPlay + 980Ti = 595mhz Core Clock?

    So yesterday I decided to give ShadowPlay a try and I really like the program. Quality is great and performance hit while gaming seems very minimal when compared to Dxtory and Fraps & the file size is tiny. One problem I did notice was that the Core Clock on my 980Ti was stuck at 595mhz when...
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    How to format/clean SSDs for new build..?

    Thanks for all the input and suggestions guys! I couldn't figure out how to use g-parted with the iso file, but Samsung's Magician program does secure erase within that. Secure erased my game drive and will make a boot usb to secure erase my main drive before I move the drives to the new rig. :)
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    How to format/clean SSDs for new build..?

    I believe so, they should both be up to date on the firmware.
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    How to format/clean SSDs for new build..?

    Found and downloaded the iso from :cool: Steps 1. Make bootable usb/cd with iso image 2. Boot from that & do secure erase 3. Move SSDs to new rig and install windows upon next boot Correct? Am I missing a step or is that basically it?