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    What are best option for getting a just released card?

    None of the companies organize pre-order sales? (I hate preorder) But I love PC games so much! I love Path of Exile the most, this is my favorite game which I play all my free time :) I havewa family, they love the soup, so this is the soup for my family, like PoE is for me. Do you know what I...
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    Games today is not what they have been.

    It's true - both the games and the entire entertainment industry (movies, music) in my opinion is over (exceptions will happen). You don't invent new movies anymore, you just make remakes. The games are overloaded with RNG, but less and less PvP (because someone else might feel sorry). I was...
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    Games that you have replayed the most

    Mhmm - there are a few games of this type. Fallout 2 Heroeos of Might & Magic III Empire: Total war FO76 Plants vs Zombies I was definitely going back to Fallout 2 most often. HoMM and Empire Total War will be next. This is the fifth time I'm back in Fallout 76 and I like plants vs zombies