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    RTX 3070 overclocking

    After looking at reviews and testing my 3070, i dont think it really makes sense to overclock it. You are generating a lot more power draw and heat for maybe a 5 to 10 fps gain. Max out the target power and temp and leave it at that.
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    So.....who's buying a 3070?

    I got my EVGA 3070 ULTRA a couple of days ago and i am extremely happy with it. Its a beautiful design and that cooler keeps the card very quiet at load, never going above 58 degrees. I game at 1440P and i think the 3070 is a perfect match for this resolution.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    The card has crazy coil whine and was going back either way. This is not something i usually do, but this time ill take advantage of the extended return policy.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    My EVGA queue number just came up. Ordered a 3070 ULTRA for $666 shipped. Going to be returning my 2070S to Amazon for $640. Not a bad upgrade for $26.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 for $26.69

    The fact that this was an option from release day and still works should also tell you something. They welcome the $30 purchase for many reasons. As stated before, you are buying direct from the developer, not some shady resold or stolen keys. The game has also been available to pirate since day...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 for $26.69

    My $50 copy was waiting for me at Best Buy for pickup. Work prevented me from picking it up, and im glad i waited. Got a $30 copy from Ukraine and cancelled my pre-order. $30 is what i believe this game is worth in the state that they released it.
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    Intel Core i7-9700K 259.99 AMIR and promo code

    Yes mostly for that reason, but its also $50 cheaper.
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    Intel Core i7-9700K 259.99 AMIR and promo code

    Another great deal is the 10400 at MC for $150 If you're building new, its a better value than the 9700k
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    AMD Confirms Zen 3's Performance Is Monstrous and Speculation Thread

    Waiting patiently for October 8 AMD press release. I'm thinking they will be in stores 2-3 weeks after that. Sold most of my parts in anticipation for these CPU's. The 10700K for $350 is hard to beat, especially with another $20 off the motherboard. Exciting times to build a new rig that's for sure.
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    Intel launches its 10th gen Comet Lake CPUs - breaks world record in soldier numbers (possibly)

    That i3-10320 for $150 paired with a GTX 1660S would make a nice budget gaming pc.
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    2.5G Ethernet Switch Question

    I currently have a PFSENSE router connected to a standard unmanaged switch. I ordered 2 pcie ethernet adapters (Realtek 8125) for my main rig and server. From what i understand i will need a new switch for these to communicate at 2.5G speed? What is the cheapest solution? Are there unmanaged...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    Downloaded the new update. Installed the recommended new NVIDIA Driver 442.59 with DDU clean first. Now my PC hard resets right as the level loads. Edit: I fixed the problem by changing a few settings so im not sure which one of them was the culprit. Since i did a clean install, my NV Control...
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    Nvidia’s new GeForce driver includes highly-requested max frame rate feature

    That does not really make sense. The point of setting your limit to 163 is not to hitting 165. This is done to prevent VSYNC from kicking in from what i understand. When i set is to 144 in the NV control panel, it never goes above 144. Why cant it hold it at 163? I suspect it has something to...
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    Nvidia’s new GeForce driver includes highly-requested max frame rate feature

    Setting it to 144 works. I thought it would be more precise, especially since it works at the driver level.
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    Nvidia’s new GeForce driver includes highly-requested max frame rate feature

    So far i tested the FPS cap in Modern Warfare and it does not work. Set it to 163, 2 less than my refresh rate as recommended. In game FPS counter hits 165.