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    Xbox series X controllers on sale at $40

    For whatever reason plastic textures make my hands sweat like crazy. Like, after a few minutes of gameplay. It's awful and incredibly uncomfortable, and if they're anything like the series S controllers I'll hate 'em. I think it's cool MS and Sony have added this feature to their controllers for...
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    I can really only speak for myself, but I have used group policy to set my update settings to notify since release and have never had any issues with windows auto updating anyway. I have skipped a couple feature updates as a result so might have been a bad patch maybe? Here's the MS docs on the...
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    You can turn off or change the way windows 10 pro manages updates with the group policy editor. I don't remember the actual policies but look it up. You can even block driver updates. I've been using this method to notify but never download since windows 10 was released and it has never switched...
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    LG B8 55" 4K OLED - $1049 shipped

    Just FYI, but that seller kind of blows. Placed an order with them on 5/11. Card was given a pending charge, but TV was not shipped. Then on 5/15 they cancelled my order with no reason given. Totally killed all references to my order on newegg and you need an order on the dashboard to leave...
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    Are TN panels as bad as they used to be?

    I tried moving from a 23", IPS screen @ 1080p60Hz to a 144Hz TN and I couldn't stand the color shifting. IPS ruined me. Currently on a 144Hz IPS @ 1440p and am very happy with it. Unless you really want the faster response time I don't think TN is worth the cost savings.
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    Facebook and Instagram Are down

    I sign on once a week or so just to catch up on messenger. Today was that day. Womp womp.
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    Philadelphia Passes Ban on Cashless Stores; Amazon Go Plans Said to Be in Jeopardy

    It's really not that heavy handed. Our entire US economy is tied to the dollar. People are paid in cash for the work they do, even if it ultimately gets deposited in a bank. That's just how things work. Philly is just working in that framework to make sure everyone plays fair -- though some of...
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    Philadelphia Passes Ban on Cashless Stores; Amazon Go Plans Said to Be in Jeopardy

    Those benefits come with a cost, though. Every transaction used with a card has a fee associated to it. Which businesses take the brunt of that then gets passed to you in the form of increased prices. I prefer using my CC overall for the reasons listed, but I wouldn't judge someone for using...
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    Random wireless drops...

    Are you sure the driver that was installed for the wifi card isn't developed by microsoft? I had issues with wifi dropping from my xbox one, and any wireless windows pc when using a lot of bandwidth. Never from my macbook pro, Amazon fireTV, switch, etc. On one of the PCs I made sure to install...
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    How CPU-limited am I with an i5-2500k @ 4Ghz?

    I use a vega 56 with a stock 2600K. Been fine for me. I play at 1440p in Rocket league.
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    Microsoft Admits Normal Windows 10 Users Are "Testing" Unstable Updates

    Thanks for the link. Didn't know about this because I don't go through every setting every time windows rolls out a new feature update.
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    Windows 10 October Update is Losing User Data

    Why are their so many people in this thread suggesting that one drive for everything is idiocy? If your data drive goes you still have the same issue... Backups are good suggestions though. Also, dang MS what a clusterf**k.
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    No, GeForce Cards Are Not Suddenly "Playing Nice" with FreeSync Monitors

    If triple buffering is applied by windows 10 is there really much point in having the ability to use GSync/FreeSync in non-exclusive full screen? Do the drivers circumvent Windows when GSync/FreeSync is working correctly? I guess I will have to check my display's FPS counter next time I'm...
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    No, GeForce Cards Are Not Suddenly "Playing Nice" with FreeSync Monitors

    FreeSync does not have issues with very high or low FPS. Just as an example, some freesync monitors may be worse/better at anti-ghosting with dynamic refresh rates than competing GSync displays but that has nothing to do with the Freesync technology. It has to do with the quality of the monitor...
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    Anyone else not give a single hoot about overclocking

    Have you thought about delidding your 4790K to keep it cooler?