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    Removing sharpie form PETG?

    Brake cleaner
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    Jeez 10900k really?

    Someone who wants the highest clock speed possible for gaming and a good water-cooling loop.
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    How do you handle sloppy fan stickers?

    Heat it up a little bit, grab the edge with a razor blade and peel. You can actually restick them at this point if you wanted to try and center them.
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    B450 and X470 Motherboards Now Supporting Zen 3

    I changed the fabric thermal pad off my chipset fan and replaced with thermal paste and now my fan no longer spins. It runs too cool for the fan to ever come on.
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    AMD *could* make some beneficial features but they can't even get the drivers right so there's that.
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    Comprehensive Core i9-10900K Review Leaked: Suggests Intel Option Formidable

    5.4ghz changes the landscape there. 24/7 stable?
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    FS: EVGA RTX 2080ti XC Gaming - $820 Shipped

    BUMP - Final price drop
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    AMD is a billion dollar company that is not your friend! Ok that is clickbait, but read on.

    I just hope people don't whine when they try their beta Bios and it bricks their mobo and whine at AMD that it doesn't work. AMD be like " Told you so but we did it anyway"
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    FS: EVGA RTX 2080ti XC Gaming - $820 Shipped

    Guys this is a 2 slot card on a 754mm2 die, not to mention GDDR6 runs warm. This card is not by any means a cool, whisper quiet model everyone thinks it could be. You need a waterblock or a triple slot, triple fan card for these to run cool with overclockablity.
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    [Epic Store] Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition (Free Till 5/21)

    Wow, that's a good freebie.
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    Dealing with bad eBay buyers....

    Ebay can read your private messages. Call a rep right now and have them look at both of those messages, they will rule in favor of you.
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    Computer emergency, help requested

    I use a long thread needle and pull straight up on both ends at the affected rows. Find a needle a little thicker and it works wonders, I managed to bend them back to the point where you can't see they were ever bent in the first place.