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    RAID Woes with Asus P6T Deluxe (v1)

    Ran into a similar problem on my P9X79 Deluxe. The probably ended up being that hardware RAID was not possible across the two storage controllers on the board. I had to make sure that the drives I wished to setup RAID for where either on the Intel controller or the Marvell controller.
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    Cars being in accidents and doors not opening after said accident is a very normal thing...
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    Linus Torvalds Comments On Apple's Potential Move to ARM

    For 90% of Apple users that I know the switch to an Arm processor would mean nothing to them. All these people care about is email/Facebook/Instagram/etc. For 5% they also wouldn't care as they would just never buy another Mac and instead probably switch to some sort of *nix. And the last group...
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    Password Manager Vulnerabilities Exposed

    Just an FYI if you memory dump Chrome or IE ( or probably any browser on Windows) after entering a password on a website you are really likely to be able to see the password you entered in plain text. On of the web applications I work on keeps on getting a security issue with that finding when...
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    Here's a Tutorial for Applying Liquid Metal TIM to a Laptop

    For long term use and stability I would never recommend Liquid metal on pretty much any laptop. It mostly comes to the fact that liquid metal has a tendency to flow more than other TIMs and is eclectically conductive. As it flows it tends to go places where you don't want it to go which causes...
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    Activision Explains Why It Broke Up with Bungie

    So what I got out of this is the following... Destiny made money, but not all the money, so its not worth anything to Activision Blizzard Activision Blizzard needs developers so they are laying off around 8-10% of their work force Speaking from experience nothing motivates developers more than...
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    Software Pirates are Allegedly Hijacking Apple's Enterprise Developer Certificates

    Wait are people just now figuring this out.... I figured this out as soon as I started doing some iOS development about 7 years ago.
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    Amazon Abandons Plans to Build a Headquarters in New York

    Good for New York. I generally will not fault a business for trying to get best deal possible, but the way Amazon went about its selection process was dubious at best in my eyes. Also before people say that New York lost out big on this, they may be right, but from a person living in that area...
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    Only Plebs Use Office 2019 over Office 365, Says Microsoft's Weird New Ad Campaign

    Only plebs use either of them. Google Docs is good enough for most people out there, for those that need more there is always Libre/Open Office. The only users that "need" MS Office are those that must use it because of company/enterprise restrictions.
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    Firefox 66 to Block Audible Sound from Autoplay Video and Audio by Default

    So not gonna lie I thought this had already made it to stable FF along time ago. Ironically, or maybe not, I find this to be most useful on major news sites. They all seem to have a stupid 1-2 min video at the top of their articles that just starts auto playing and blasting sound the second the...
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    Nvidia CEO Claims GTX 10 Series Cards Have Almost Sold Out

    1080Ti's and 1080's are pretty much gone everywhere, except maybe the 2nd hand market, however every brick and mortar store around where I live seems to have 1070Ti's 1070's 1060's and 1050's for days (figure of speech). And a quick glance online has most mainstream retailers are in a similar...
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Dismisses the Radeon VII as "Underwhelming"

    I agree that the performance of Vega 2/Radeon 7 is underwhelming when strictly looking at performance, as of right now the value seems to be pretty solid (this may change once 3rd parties bench the chip). As far as G-Sync and FreeSync/Adaptive Sync/VRR the only one I consider a scam is G-Sync...
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    Microsoft Wants to Kill Passwords, Starting with Windows 10

    Using just SMS for authentication seems like a terrible idea. As we have seen several times in the past year just how easy it is to execute a port out.
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    Windows 10 19H1: All the Changes We Know So Far

    Was kind of hoping for "Fixing all the stuff we broke in 1803 and 1809". Such as but not limited to default application settings and network file share disconnects.
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    Basic 3-4TB 7200RPM Drive Recommendation

    The only drives I would say avoid for right now are the WD 6TBs. Otherwise its really just pick whatever you think works best for you.