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    A website that scans my pc for driver updates?

    in the device manager, does it show as being not installed? Cuz if it says it is working properly then you are good...if not, make sure you have the right driver for the card (different hardware version may require specific driver versions)
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    Web Based Folding

    during my borgfest, i had it down samirai style, no wasted movement :)
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    [H]DC of the Month - May ??

    we did have a folder of the year....i think it was FLECOM
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    Web Based Folding

    goes against the license of the project. You must have full permission from the computer's owner to be able to fold on it. This borderlines giving F@H a bad name
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    Please say it's not true !!

    first time that happened
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    1 million ppd is within our grasp.

    ??? dont you mean 1 billion?
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    pretty much has been since we stomped the roos :)
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    um....when did we pass google??? did i just miss the announcement?
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    Decision has been made to Fold

    also take a look at the [H]ordeCentral thread with the FAQ and everything you need to setup and get running. so, Come on in, grab a drink, sit down and fold on. and pics of hot women are always appreciated, and a pic of yourself so we all know what you look like :) where is that post a...
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    Things System Administrators Forget to Do

    one more thing i forgot....all of my users tho will get a STERN talking to if the are late on anyt kind of maintance (ie, scans, defrags, updates:)
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    Things System Administrators Forget to Do

    i am guilty of all of these :D except for always a big kiss ass to clients (they give me free shit then)...but yea...especially the scanning/rootkit stuff....i rarely do it on mine, but seriously, i have never had a problem that didnt reveal itself within a day (ie pop-ups)...
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    I am Your New Mod - Let's get organized.

    it would make sense :)
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    HardOCP Officially Supported Projects

    Why do people keep bringing this up??? There hasnt been this problem since i have been here....everytime i see front page pimping (unless is something special like GPU folding) both teams are mentioned as possible projects. same with recruiting...we have had recruiting drives for both UD and...
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    HardOCP Officially Supported Projects

    you do know the UD team has been around for quite sometime?? so having a new project to replace UD will do what now???? remember...most of this infighting was really about what project to take on without comparisions of each. Side note....too bad all the UD'ers come out once its over :(