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    Which B550 board?

    Starting a new build soon and was trying to see any major differences between the ASRock x570 Taichi and the ASRock B550 EXTREME4 Pros Price is...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    So I just started my first HC seasonal character a few nights ago and he just died tonight at level 50. Please guys tell me what is the fastest way to PLevel a new HC character. Can't believe I got owned by Bilal.
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    980 Ti

    So there is really no definitive 980ti to get? I'm leaning towards the EVGA 980 Ti Superclocked 2.0+ with the backplate.
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    Google Photos Now Offers Unlimited Storage

    So i'm feeling a little conflicted after doing some testing. I just uploaded some photos using the standard high quality setting and there's definitely some compression going on. It's kind of annoying because I was hoping if the photos were 16MP or less then there would be no need to further...
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    Google Photos Now Offers Unlimited Storage

    I'm confused with uploading photos to this service. If all I have are old iPhone photos....Shouldn't I just pick original because all of the photos are well below 16 megapixels? Yet when I do this, I'm still getting hit against my storage. I love all of the organization and search features but...
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    Video Bitrate

    Hey guys what about sound? Do you keep 2 audio files like DTS HD and the regular dts or whatever its called or do you convert to aac? I know that can dramatically shrink the size as well. Lastly mp4 over mkv?
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    Corsair SP2500 2.1 powered speakers, refurbished - $100

    Thanks for the deal. I was looking to replace an ancient 2.1 Altec Lansing setup. I have switched to mostly gaming on headphones but couldn't beat this price and also was too lazy for DIY
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    wd red, ultrastar or deskstar for 24/7 NAS?

    Sorry to threadcrap but I'm such a noob when it comes to transcoding. Correct me if im wrong, If i buy a synology box, I wouldn't be able to stream any high bitrate 1080p files to my iphone/ipad unless the synology box was streaming a format like mp4 to those devices or those devices were...
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    Asus RT-N66U Xbox Issues

    10Mbps down and 800k up
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    Asus RT-N66U Xbox Issues

    Well guys this is crazy but I guess I found the issue...ughhh feel so lame but here goes... I had logmein running in my system tray and every time I game online with my xbox..I ALWAYS have my pc on. So today I figured you know what?...let me shut that program off and BOOM no lag when both...
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    Asus RT-N66U Xbox Issues

    Hey guys I'm having some weird Xbox Lan Issues with the Asus N66U and I'm totally stumped! If I have my Xbox plugged into the router by itself there are no issues whatsoever and I am lag free. However, as soon as I have my computer plugged into the router..even if its not downloading...
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    Any good Black Friday deals you are going to hit?

    Does any know of any good Dual Band N Routers on sale? Thanks
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    sandisk extreme 240gb ssd $140 fs

    How would this compare to the Samsung 830 speeds? Prolly not that noticeable...
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    Firefly - Complete Series. Blu-ray. $13.

    Thanks for the deal. I was always missing out on this deal. Picked this and serenity up for cheap.
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    $99 Android based console on Kickstarter

    Well android "phone" gaming aside...I believe the price point is great for a little hack box that could end up not only being a great streamer of stuff but would be a cool little emulator box.