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    Another Caselabs SMA8

    Few more things to tweak but for the most part she is finished
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    Another Caselabs SMA8

    More progress
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    Another Caselabs SMA8

    I have the Sma8 as well
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    Another Caselabs SMA8

    What case do you have again?
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    Another Caselabs SMA8

    Well there are some that are crazy high but most have been for sale on ebay a long time, mine was 900 with a ton of extras as well tho so thats okay at that price and no holes in the mid plate
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Remember when they dropped the 1080ti cards and then then 2080ti cards were more money, then they dropped the 3080 and better performance and cost less then the 2080ti. I'm thinking it may be better to wait till 4000 series if you can of course my Evga 2080ti is about to get a ek block on it and...
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    Is any sense to wait for 10900K on stock if i can buy 10700K?
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    My declaration of independence

    I completely understand your stance, it sucks right now but as with all things it will balance out just not as fast as we want it. It could be a blessing after all
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    [Dead]SeaSonic Focus: 850w Platinum - $159.99 / Gold for $139.99

    Great find and not to mention a great price
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    Is there any source for CaseLabs case parts

    I'm hoping to fine a 360 flexbay or get one made if i cant find one. I have a couple great fab guys near me
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    Is there any source for CaseLabs case parts

    I do have a extra black single slot vented cover and yes the 560 mount will fit with the psu mounted
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    GPU Prices dropping?

    Just supply and demand and with the prices being raised recently on the new cards I would think some would just hold off and buy a new card over a used card with near new card prices. Just my thought on it
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    Is any sense to wait for 10900K on stock if i can buy 10700K?

    Either the 10900k or the 10850k will do just fine, If i was not able to get my current 10900k I was going to get a 10850k, there was not that much difference between them for me to care about.
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    First AIO ever, What's Proper AIO mounting/orientation?

    I run mine either top of case, or if on the front or rear of the case i run the rad upside down