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    WCG - 16th Birthday Challenge

    My lone rig started up again over the weekend, hope to help out some
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    Hit a WCG (World Community Grid) milestone? Post it here:

    Woohoo! Half a mill (I'm such a n00b)
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Mind blown! with those graphics even a Cessna 150 would be awesome.
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    Back at it...

    Done and done!
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    Back at it...

    Just upgraded from my q6600, I didn't know if Folding was still a thing. Hoping to help the [H]orde
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Logitech MX5500 Bluetooth - it's SO OLD, but the input lag is not bad and since I use it on the couch, its the only unit that works for me - Does anyone have a good Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse combo they can recommend?
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    Do you like Android or iPhone better, and why?

    iPhone 7 for work - prefer it to Android for that specific use-case. Simple easy,security that isn't always in your face, gets the job done. Samsung S9 personal - I'm used to Android and I like the ability to modify the UI, and Swype keyboard is best keyboard
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    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I've played through the first level (Olympus) and if you try to get the story you'll end up spending way too much time trying. The gameplay is fun, the voice acting is forced and halting. All in all, I can't see myself finishing this one. But that's me - old fart waiting for Crackdown 3 lol
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    How Velocity Micro Went From Cabinet Sales to PC Building

    My main rig is housed in that 2nd Antec case - it is a sturdy (spelled "HEAVY") behemoth.
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    Metacritic: Xbox One Didn't Have a Single Positively Reviewed Exclusive in 2018

    I transferred from an older PC to a 1X. With Xbox LiveGold and Gamepass (none of which I've paid a single cent for - thank you MS rewards program) I have access to more high quality games than I could ever play. As a PC gamer I've converted to a controller and I have very compelling content that...
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    Truck Owners Are Blocking Tesla Superchargers in "ICE-ing" Protests

    I was thinking of going solar, But I'll just grab a couple of Tesla "Powerwalls", put one in the back of my truck in an easily swappable configuration and viola! free power for my house while tying knots the undies of the upperclass! Brilliant!
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    Orange Box, TF 2, Portal, and Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 get 4K treatment today on Xbox One X today.

    I jumped on my X, loaded OrangeBox and followed Dr. Kleiner's advice...
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    Forza Horizon 4 - A beautiful game

    The one Xi s a superb platform for this game, I spent my time so far in a mix between 1080x60 and 2160x30, I'll need more time to determine which I like better,. For now I really like the 4k when looking at the car model in a static environment. I haven't driven enough in the 1080 mode to make a...
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    Forza Horizon 4 - A beautiful game

    Found it to be quite enjoyable just saying heck with the races - just went out, and bought some cars that I've previously owned and tricked them out Loved the Mini - most agile car I've ever owned I had an 85, but this looks identical except for the rear spoiler. If you have Gamepass, go...