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    NES PC Build Project

    Thanks, just awesome, this made my day.
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    Why Tabs Are on Top in Firefox 4

    I really prefer the way it is, though I could probably live on with a change like that.. :)
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    [Review] 22 CPU Waterblocks tested - Roundup

    Thanks for the review. The EK Supreme copper top have actually been on my mind for sometime. At the moment I'm using a MCW6002 (which have actually been a really nice full copper block) with custom brackets for socket 1156 mounting. I don't know how much I would benefit from the change but I'm...
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    HP ZR30w

    Seems nice, spec wise also. Although an OSD would have been nice, but I can live without it. I'm just wondering about the quality of the panel, can only wait for reviews/users showing us. Stop complaining about scalers, this isn't supposed to be used with a some console.
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    HP ZR30w

    Exactly. I'm really excited about this monitor. Led backlight would be nice, but we've yet to see that in a large monitor like this. All those other features you listed are IMO unnecessary.
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    H.264 and VP8 Compared

    VP8 sounds good for being open source and patent free, or circumventing patents, if that is really true. I hope they will improve and optimize it over the time, to be a serious contender for h.264. Although h.264 is good and has the quality, the MPEG-LA is really evil with their patents and...
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    Helsinki Model City Made From Old Motherboards

    Nice work, and a nice place also. ;)
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    Pay $5 To Upgrade an Old DVD to Blu-ray?

    Really good idea, hopefully others would also follow.
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    HP ZR24w

    This ZR24W is surely a nice monitor, but have anyone heard anything about the ZR30W ? :p After googling around awhile I found it at least listed at hp's support and workstation site, click, and could even be seen in some pictures!
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    Apology From McAfee

    This sucked hard, got a message telling me about the issue early in the morning waking me up. It took the whole day to get things working at our office and work just started to pile up. Why must they use this pos av software...
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    NVIDIA Fermi - GTX 470 - GTX 480 - GTX 480 SLI Review @ [H]

    Thanks for the review. As many have already stated 480 SLI vs 5870 CF would have been interesting, and more proper. I would have also liked more apples to apples comparisons, although I know you focus more on evaluating the whole gameplay experience, which is also really important. These...
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    ATI Radeon 5870 2GB 3X2 Eyefinity Gaming Experience @ [H]

    That certainly looked amazing at that size and resolution, though the bezels are making it bad. I would be really annoyed by them.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 Final Specs & Pricing Revealed

    GTX470 only 5-10% faster than Radeon HD 5850? And similar with the 480 and 5870. Quite a letdown, especially this late in the game with a horrible TDP. I surely hope they will be cheaper. I seriously expected something better.
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    Intel Launches its Most Secure Data Center Processor

    Yeah, that was just like I though also. Though even those lowest models are still too expensive. :(
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    OCZ Technology Launches Vertex Limited Edition SSD

    Interesting, and nice specs at least. The price is going to be quite high. Hopefully the vertex 2 drives will be more affordable. I don't expect any serious price drops before Intel refreshes their line, even if these newer ones are using 3xnm flash compared to the old vertex/agility series.