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    New Problem

    The question you should be asking yourself is: "Where in my code is the data source associated with the page control(s)". Find that, and work back from there.
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    Why is 'BusyIndicator' not found?

    That space is added by the message board engine to keep long strings of text from breaking the frame formatting.
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    IIS Virtual Directory Follow directions for creating the identity.aspx file to see what identity is running under.
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    Help with some vbs script

    Looks like you have 2 IFs and 3 End Ifs.
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    Web Graphics

    That's a hand.
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    Excel- many sheets one summary auto

    You could probably do this with some VBA. I don't know about its ability to respond to events like pasting in a sheet, but you can definitely write code that works with the sheet collection.
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    Im having hard time to figure out sorting files by name and date

    Have you tried changing "SORT_DESC" to "SORT_ASC"?
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    JavaScript Concatenating getElementsByName() Calls Together

    Ok a couple of things: first, .getElementsByName() returns an array, so referring to the array's reference doesn't get you what you want. Second, I don't think that function can be applied to search children, and you don't really need it to, since it looks through the whole document...
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    regex help

    NextPage=.{1,}" will capture it, but you'll have to trim the ending quote, and the "NextPage" text. I think it's possible to make the quote not capture, but I don't remember how :confused: Or like ptnl said you could do something like...
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    Need Suggestions for a Data Structure or Style to Store my Data

    Where are you storing the user's search(database? cookie? wax blocks? :P)? How would you use a stored search to rebuild the screen state? How are you pulling search preferences from the screen to build the query?
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    SQL database question - Primary keying with an 'id' column

    You don't say what database you're using, but in SQL-Server, I would use scope identity:
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    Batch Script

    Disclaimer: I'm not a batch expert. But you might try replacing your *.jpg with something like 'dir *.jpg /b /od /s' which should give you a big list of files to for-in.
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    shot in the dark. tilde delimited database.

    I've done similar things with SQL-Server and SSIS. Import the two data sets into tables, export your desired results via a join back out to the original file format.