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    Family Opens Fake, Wooden PS4 Christmas Morning

    About a decade ago when I worked returns at a big retail store, it was common for people to return boxes with a phone book inside instead of the device. When employees stole things, they "fell off the truck." I don't remember an employee ever leaving behind a box or anything like that.
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    Researchers Create Strong And Lightweight New Metal

    Alright I read the article and it sounds pretty awesome. What's the catch? It sounds damn near perfect?
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    Real 272HP Hoverboard That Costs $20,000

    Agreed. That video was completely ridiculous. Achieving your dreams on a giant brick with fans crammed into it? Really? :rolleyes:
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    Santa's Sleigh Pulled By Robots

    Wow. :rolleyes:
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    Man Sues Bethesda Over 'Fallout 4' Addiction

    I'm somewhat "uncoordinated" and I have some personal experience in this "spilling coffee on oneself." Never once have I received a 3rd degree burn. At worst my skin is red for a little while. I like my coffee hot, not scalding.
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    Wireless Self-Rocking Baby Crib

    Lol... Typical [H]'er couldn't resist commenting before watching the video. :D
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    X-Men: Apocalypse Official Trailer

    Isn't it normal in stories for the bad guy to call himself "God" or "a god" only to be shown his place by mere "mortals?" I think it's actually a pretty good lesson in there: No matter how powerful you think you are, you are not God.
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    Cord-Cutting Is Accelerating

    "You will consume entertainment the way I say you will consume it!!!" -Comcast, famous last words.
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    Apple Now Selling $800 Lightning-Based Headphones

    "I don't understand something. It must be stupid!" :p I'm actually pretty sad someone here in the [H] comments didn't pick up on this earlier. The article is just sensationalizing the fact that the headphones, made by a totally different manufacturer than Apple, are not using a 3.5mm jack...
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    20% Of Americans Use Internet 'Almost Constantly'

    Statistics you say? Burn that shit with fire lol. Nah, I actually did that crap for a living for a while. I'm super picky about *broad* samples. There's really no indicator here of where the samples came from. Was it just one town? Was it people all over the nation? I see they mentioned...
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    Drones That Use Nets To Catch Other Drones

    I like it. Those new laser weapons the US Military is using would work great for taking down drones as well.
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    20% Of Americans Use Internet 'Almost Constantly'

    Only 2,001 people surveyed? Who the heck pays for these surveys anyway? I want to get my hands on this funding for ridiculous useless things. :)
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    Sex Ads 'Irresponsibly Placed' In Smartphone App For Kids

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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    When Can Quantum Annealing Win?

    I highly recommend watching YouTube vids on the DWAVE. It's some nerdtastic stuff. The hardware is mind-blowing.