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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    Does any car have door locks that automatically unlock in an accident? I don't think I'd want that myself. It would be easy to exploit for theft and vandalism. I know a lot of cars have automatically locking doors. It would be interesting if Tesla has telemetry from the crash on their servers...
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    New MicroSD Standard Comes with PCIe and NVMe

    The cards are capable, but what SD card reader can handle almost 1GB/sec? I think mine tops out at about 50MB/sec.
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    TSMC Expected to Lead in Manufacturing AI and 5G Chip Solutions

    Are there any other eggs that we could possibly put into that basket? FFS This is a setup, I swear.
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    The Official MSI Radeon VII 16G Product Page Is Now Live

    From the MSI spec page. Three hundred big ones.
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    The Official MSI Radeon VII 16G Product Page Is Now Live

    Tain't nobody gonna mention the power? 300Watts for 7nm! No way. Must be the 16GB of RAM?
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    Americans Are Lining Up to Work for Amazon for $15 an Hour

    Huh. I thought this was a very good thing, when I read about it. The minimum wage around here is more than $10/hour though. In other areas, that's a massive raise for the same work.
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    Apple Reactivates Facebook's and Revokes Google's Enterprise Certification

    Keep it up, Apple. You might get some money out of me yet.
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    ANYmal Can Deliver Packages Now

    SIX news stories about the same robot? Feels like there may be something behind that, even if there isn't.
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    LG Study Claims Xbox Players Are "Better" at Games than PC and PS4 Gamers

    I am old AND slow, and I feel bad now. Thanks. I actually did better the first time I tried it. I am slow though.
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    The Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Consumer Protections in Biometrics Case

    What are you people waiting for? Get out there and sue Facebook, like the blurb said to do. You know you want to. :)
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    China Releases Footage of First Far Side Moon Landing

    Nice work, China. Hey there, NASA. Don't you want to one up them now? It has been a while. The flag has bleached and all of that. Just wait for Mr. Musk and pals to do it instead? OK.
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    NYPD Deploying Drone for First Time to Secure New Year's Party

    A poster for a police state or just "keeping the peace" at a party? Announcing their capabilities to the press beforehand seems like a bad idea too.
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    Facebook Faces U.S. Lawsuit as it Responds to Controversy

    They should be cut in half financially. The government could use the money anyhow.
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    Sextortion Scammers Sent Organizations Bomb Scare Emails Demanding Bitcoin

    Until they actually blow something up, they have no credibility. Until they actually show me a picture of me from "my webcam", they're junk mail. BUT, you'd think this would be the kind of thing the NSA could make themselves USEFUL with. If they claim they're in a foreign country, they're a...
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    Microsoft Edge Development Will Be Based on the Chromium Open Source Project

    If I was in charge of the FTC, I'd be trying to break up Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. The how might be tough, but I think it has to be done. This has a small hint of Google combining with Microsoft and that CANNOT be allowed to happen in any way, shape or form. They all have...