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    Wuchang: Fallen Feathers (Soulslike action RPG)

    Wuchang: Fallen Feathers is a new Soulslike action RPG developed by Leenzee Games set in a fantasy version of a fallen Ming Dynasty...the gameplay trailer is a pre-alpha build so the game is still a ways away from release...looks intriguing but a bit rough around the edges as well...definitely...
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    Doom Eternal

    Doom Eternal's latest patch brings back the original main menu music
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    Outcast 2- A New Beginning announced for PC

    THQ Nordic and Appeal Studios describe Outcast 2- A New Beginning as an open-world action-adventure game with a non-linear story — players’ actions and decisions will change the narrative’s outcome...
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    Outcast 2- A New Beginning announced for PC

    THQ Nordic revealed Outcast 2: A New Beginning during its 10th anniversary event today...the first Outcast game, an award-winning sci-fi adventure game developed by Appeal and published by Infogrames, was released on PC way back in 1999...the sequel, originally known as Outcast 2: The Lost...
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    New Duke Nukem game in development at Gearbox.

    why doesn't Gearbox try developing something new instead of the same old Borderlands and Duke Nukem's...
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    IGN Best Video Game of All Time Tournament

    I agree that what it shows is that IGN skews towards a younger demo...lots of worthy games in the Tournament but the winners are based on the younger demographic...although Rise of the Tomb Raider did barely win out over Half Life 2- 52% to 48%, so there are still a lot of people that appreciate...
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    Deathloop (Arkane Studios)

    I'm guessing you're using the stealth playstyle?
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    IGN Best Video Game of All Time Tournament

    Round 3 of IGN’s Best Video Game of All Time Bracket is now live, and you can vote for your favorites...
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    Steam Deck officially announced by Valve

    Here's what the Steam Deck UI will look like on your desktop...screenshots released by Pavel Djundik, creator of SteamDB...
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    Dying Light 2

    I thought they fixed that with the Scholar of the First Sin version... they did:
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    Dying Light 2

    Dark Souls 2 did weapon durability well...
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    Jensen Huang: The 100 Most Influential People of 2021

    I thought Lisa Su would have made the list over Jensen...she was more 'influential' in 2021
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    Official PS5 Thread

    The New PlayStation 5 CFI-1100 Review- Featuring Gamers Nexus! dropping back on the size and material of the cooler makes for a cheaper machine and Sony has recently said that the disc version of the new PS5 no longer loses money on each console sold...but does this make for a hotter, worse...
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    Dying Light 2

    Dying Light 2 Stay Human- Weapons
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    Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

    capturing some high resolution shots of Melina's eyes?