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    Upgrading processor. does code name and socket type matter?

    Even if the chip set supports it, the board needs to have suitable firmware. So you need to check out the information for your particular board and potentially install a "bios" update before installing the new chip.
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    MoBo/Chipset/CPU PCIe lanes - clarification is needed

    Cryptocurrency mining. Generally needs very little bandwidth to/from the GPUs, but the cards still have physical x16 connectors on them and want the power associated with an x16 slot. There seems to be a whole cottage industry of adapters for cryptocurrency mining, often based on abusing USB3...
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    What do ISP "Middle Men" do?

    It makes perfect sense. A regular router (not a NAT) does not put it's own IP (or one of it's own IPs, most routers will have more than one) into the data packets it forwards. So blocking it's IP will not effect regular data traffic. Even a NAT only puts it's own IP into packets on the internet...
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    What do ISP "Middle Men" do?

    Private IPs on ISP routers does not imply CGNAT, it's perfectly possible for a client to have a public IP, but the routers in between to have private ones. The IPs on a plain router (not a NAT) aren't really used for much other than deciding what the next hop should be. The only IPs in the...
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    What do ISP "Middle Men" do?

    The provider is just using private addresses to address their access network infrastructure, presumably in an attempt to reduce their consumption of public addresses. This is quite common with cable providers. Blocking them will mean you no longer receive ICMP errors from those routers, but...
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    Be aware that the 8 in 1 or 16 in 2 converters can only take drives up to 7mm thick. Cages with fewer 2.5 inch bays per 5.25 inch bay can take thicker drives.
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    Smallest case with a 5.25” bay?

    The 6x2.5 unit I have in one of my PCs has fans on the back and it's still shallower than the optical drive.
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    X9SCM-F will 4x16GB ECC 1600 mhz work?

    At least according to supermicro that board only supports unbuffered memory. Afaict 16GB unbuffered DDR3 modules are rare and expensive even if they did work.
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    Help needed getting my m.2 to work in external case

    In my experience normally SATA only M.2 slots use the B key while SATA/PCIe hybrid slots and PCIe only slots use the M key, SATA M,2 drives normally have both the B and M notches while PCIe SSDs normally only have the M notch. The slot looks like a B key and yet the 860 EVO is supposed to be a...
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    Prime Ultra Platinum vs Prime Ultra Titanium

    Afaict the main difference between platinum and titanium is that titanium is defined at 10% load, while platinum is only defined at 20% load and higher. This matters, because many systems only consume a small fraction of their PSUs rating at idle.
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    Power supply makes "start up" noise when plugging in

    I have seen some dell machines, that when mains power is applied, seem to turn on briefly before turning off again. I presume this is a firmware thing.
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    I suspect the issue is that customers would complain about a 10 gigabit card that couldn't actually reach anywhere close to 10 gigabits per second. Even PCIe 3.0 maxes out at around 8 gigabits per second per lane. I suspect we will see x1 10 gigabit cards eventually, but probally only after...
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    i9-10900X or i9-9900K

    You need to read the motherboard manual carefully before buying, it should tell you somewhere (often a block diagram) what hardware is connected to the PCIe lanes on the chipset and what is connected directly to the CPU.
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    AC side wiring, replacing copper with aluminum

    A silvery appearance does not mean wire is aluminium. Hookup wire is commonly tinned copper.
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    Intel Intros new PSU standard ATX12VO

    Unfortunately in addition to getting rid of the 5V and 3.3V rails they also changed the standby rail from 5V to 12V. So you can't just use a passive adapter on an existing PSU for this. That ship sailed years ago. Modern electronics needs a whole bunch of voltages, most of them very low, some...