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    Tickets to Compete in the Mario Kart Inspired Mushroom Rally Are Now on Sale

    I am pretty sure these cities were announced because this was in our local news channel a few weeks ago, in Cincinnati Ohio. Doesn't tell of other cities though.
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    Dotcom’s Extradition Hearing ‘Ambushed’ With New Evidence

    I have to totally agree that this whole thing is total crap. For starters, it is a file hosting company. File Hosting is a NEEDED INTERNET SERVICE. You cannot control what users are uploading. There were piracy protocols in place (and were bypassed by pirates) and were effective. The company...
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    Are Valve And AMD About To Ruin PC Gaming?

    I don't think Steam or AMD is killing PC gaming, I think it is the PC itself. Most of what you need to do can be done on an Android/Apple Tablet and Remote Desktop/Terminal Services. I can do 90% of my stuff with my N7 and my Terminal server. With technology such as OnLive and such, why...
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    MPAA Responds To "Piracy Isn't Harmful" Study

    Here is my feeling on this: Ending Piracy is not going to increase anything. People that can not/will not spend money on a movie simply will not see that movie. Most of the time, people will Pirate a movie just to watch it, but actually buy/rent the disc when it is released. The real problem I...