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    27" IPS 2560x1440 monitor~90hz <$400 FS

    I have a similar story except I ordered mine on Monday and it wasn't shipped until Tuesday and FedEx says I won't get it until next Tuesday but it's already at it's destination sorting facility
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    can you use anynet+ through an onkyo reciever and control a ps3?

    I had no issues with an Onkyo 608 and a Samsung UN55C8000.
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    HD-DVD ripping recommendations (size, format etc...)

    Try MakeMKV if you'd like to preserve the quality and HD audio.
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    My First TV

    Thats a nice couch! I got a free one when i first moved out and it was neon orange. It sure was comfy though.
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    High quality online music streaming for Android?

    Doesn't apply to Android:
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    ASUS Black 4X BD-ROM owners please help

    I have this drive and it is definitely plastic.
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    Logitech G500 vs G9x

    Very true. I love the mouse otherwise though.
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    Phenom II 965 Upgrade?

    A Corsair H50 and Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 CAS8 Ram.
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    Phenom II 965 Upgrade?

    I too picked up this combo and have it running at 4GHz stable with 1.44V. I did have to raise some things up though. It's stable at 4.2GHz but need 1.5V so I decided to go with the lower power consumption. It must be something else that is limiting you.
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    Corsair H50 Installation Video

    Cool Video. I completely overlooked the way to place the fan when I installed it. Thanks for the tip!
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    TYAN S2915 boot problem - need help

    This was actually my board and I had the exact problem if loading it up with only 2 sticks of ram, it would be very long before it would boot and most of the time it wouldnt be stable. It wasn't until I purchased 2 other sticks that the second processor worked. I also had the same cpus as he did...
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    TYAN S2915 boot problem - need help

    You only have 2 sticks of ram? If so thats the issue, I had to have 4 stick (2 for each processor) in order for it to run stable
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    im having trouble finding a case for this motherboard

    Google Search shows these: