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    2080ti cooling options

    that is sketchy af. i just cut the tube right at the barb and peel off the little bit left on the barb. refill it and then zip-tie the tube after its back on. yes ek is pricey, a loop doesnt have to be.
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    Wu-Tang ARPG in development

    "Brass Lion, which was launched with the goal of "creating original fictional universes that center on Black, Brown, and other traditionally marginalized characters," does appear to have something new in the works. It's currently developing Corner Wolves, which "tells the stories of young people...
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    Older video cards worth anything ?

    fiddy, fiddy, hundred
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    Where to source genuine replacement fans?

    are you searching for the card or the p/n off the fans?
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    2080ti cooling options

    ah, i see. youve cleaned the rad and repasted the pump? to refill, you cut t tube off at the barb, refill it with 10/90 antifreeze/water and put the hose back on the barb. you dont "puncture a rad". a loop doesnt have to cost that much either, mine was ~200CAN.
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    Security cameras and HDMI degradation

    havent used optical so not sure. yeah youll need a splitter, monoprice is fine.
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    Far Cry 6

    isnt turning off all your other background crap part of troubleshooting 101? AB/RT have caused me issues before and is the first thing i turn of if crashing. basically anything else touching the nic, sound or vid can potentially screw with a game.
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    Security cameras and HDMI degradation

    active cables
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    Onboard vs Descrete HDMI/DP

    ive never heard or experienced that but if youre going over 15-20 feet youll need boosters or active cable for either.
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    Disable AMD Smart Access Memory (BAR) completely in Linux?

    ^^ yup, should be in bios. my asus bios has a switch at the very top, iirc.
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    How bad is this blem?

    ah ok i see it now. i wouldnt worry, its just in the "top coat" and TIM will fill it in. technically that would make a cool spot. id just fix up the heatsink so it doesnt cause more.
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    check the output settings are right and make sure the firmware/drivers are up to date for the doc.
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    How bad is this blem?

    i dont see this chip youre worried aboot.
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    then its the mods causing the problem, thats not a windows problem. see if they have a version for 11 yet.
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    2080ti cooling options

    you can still get plenty of asetek based aios that will work on it or you could refill it or upgrade the rad and refill it or integrate it into a full loop like i did....