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    Board Member: Bitcoin Foundation Is “Effectively Bankrupt”

    Bitcoin force field at 30% and losing power rapidly...
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    All The TV You Want Without Paying A Cable Bill

    It gives them more time to waste on Internet forums vs. watching TV. Trade one habit for another and call themselves superior...fuck yeah! :rolleyes:
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    Intel Core i3 vs. Core i5 vs. Core i7

    I've seen an Intel i3 beat an AMD 8350 in certain games. Not may but enough to to a double take. The point being the i3 should not be beating AMD's top of the line cpu in anything for goodness sake. Don't get me started on the difference in power usage...blah.
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    AMD reveals its CPU & GPU roadmap for next five years

    Reading the last few pages shows me how seriously misinformed some people are about the AMD APU's in the latest road map. Wow!
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    AMD reveals its CPU & GPU roadmap for next five years

    Most people couldn't tell you if they have an integrated or a add in gpu. Plus they don't care as long as it plays video and flash games.
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    Windows XP Still No. 2 Operating System

    Don't care what new OS these XP people upgrade too, they just to need to move on if the machine is Internet facing. I have no idea what they're doing about all the ATM's?
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    EU Lays Groundwork for Antitrust Charges Against Google

    EU must be out of money again. Time to fill the coffers.
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    Pillars of Eternity - *Official Discussion Thread*

    I'd love to try this game but not at the current price without first playing it. Wish there was a demo or 10 day trial before handing over the mulla.
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    Final video card upgrade for x58 platform with i7 980x

    That was the point in my previous post. Unless you are one of those that have to have all the eye candy on ultra and a constant 60 fps then there is no need for the headaches of sli/xfire. Especially if AMD and or NV are releasing newer cards (390X/Ti) soon. 4K is where you really need it.
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    every stick comes back with faults in 000.00MB in Memtestx86+

    First thing I would try is to pull the cpu out and look for bent pins or grease on any contacts. Reinstall and test again. Might be bad pin contact(s). Then try one stick of memory at a time and test. Sounds like bad cpu contact or bad memory controller on cpu unless somehow you damaged the...
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    Final video card upgrade for x58 platform with i7 980x

    Get the fastest single card you can afford. That should allow you to play pretty much any modern game at 1440P. I would wait until the 380X is released if you're hesitant with the 980. Not sure the Ti would be enough of an upgrade from the 980 but it would be faster. I don't think you'd need to...
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    Study: People Try Apple Pay Once, Don’t Go Back

    They need to throw more money at it...that seems to cure everything.
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    Xbox One Instant On Is Costing Gamers $250M a Year

    That's nothing compared to the waste of "cough" magical cryptocoins..
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    Half Life 2 remastered on Steam

    Yeah, I probably should have clicked on the link! :D