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    My local Costco has the Dell XPS 15 i7/16gb 9570 for $1400.

    It's on clearance, so ymmv. They're simultaneously selling the 13" for $1600. Pretty great deal if you're in the market for one of these. I'd jump on it, but I've gotten too used to the 3:2 aspect ratio of my surface to go back.
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    WAPO Free for 6 Months to Prime Members

    Maybe he just doesn't like newspapers that have won too many pulitzers. 48 is a big number, perhaps even unfathomably large to some.
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    WAPO Free for 6 Months to Prime Members

    maybe there will be a good deal on dank pepe memes and retweets from russian bots for the folks who dislike this particular deal
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    Five Years On, Millions Still Dig 'FarmVille'

    Farmville hits the same addictive pathways as gambling. That's why games like Game of War: Fire Age on iOS have people who spend $100k/yr on it.
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    ipad air 16gb wifi only $400 (after $100 off)

    I was honestly shocked when they released the current-gen ipads and 16gb was still the standard. I don't think there's any way they can get away with it for the next gen.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    that would be great, thanks!
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    I've got an old 2070sb with a slightly blurry screen and a fairly long warmup period (5-10mins). I haven't used it in years, and was thinking of just tossing it, as I figured the tube is shot. Just wanted to check in first to make sure i'm not being stupid. I've also got a Dell P1230, which...
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    AZZA CSAZ-XT1 Full-Tower Gaming Case

    Wow, that thing is ugly.
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    The Last Flight of the Shuttle Enterprise

    lol. You don't say?
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    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    Best power supply money can buy!
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    AMD financial results Q1'12

    Just bought some AMD, and i'll be buying more monday if it dips below 7.50
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    Rebates To Cut Price of $60 LED Bulb

    I switched everything to CFL's a few years ago. This year i switched back to incandescents. The goddamn things burn out ridiculously fast... and no, I wasn't flicking them on and off dozens of times a day. The 130v rated 'can's last way longer, I dont need to be conscious of how often I...
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    Valve Is Hiring

    Yeah, this just screams a Steam-integrated Apple TV. TV + Console + Apple branding. Sounds expensive.
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    Facebook To Buy Instagram For $1B

    Never used either