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    [Guide] How to remove the anti-glare(AG) coating from a Dell U2312HM LCD

    I never got that far. Removing the casing was just too difficult. I don't see how it's possible when it won't budge even with all my strength pulling it and hurting my hands yet the screen will crack if you so much as breathe on it heavily.
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    New monitor - preferably 32'', 1440p, VA

    Phillips BDM3270 easily: +5 year warranty +best 1440p VA monitor reviewed on Tomshardware +no weird Samsung vertical pixel spacing causing blurry text +avoid possibly terrible Samsung warranty support according to some
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    32 inch UHD IPS panel for color critical work and games

    I've narrowed the choices down to either the BenQ PD3200U, Samsung LU32H850UMUXEN or LG 32UD99. The LG isn't available yet but the only technical review is promising albeit slightly higher lag than the BenQ which is the best according to NCX. The Samsung is a VA but has quantum dots and is a...
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    [Guide] How to remove the anti-glare(AG) coating from a Dell U2312HM LCD

    Finally tried removing the Benq bl3201pt bezel following this guide using plastic pry tools. Spent an hour carefully prying and not getting anywhere and causing mintor damage before reading this thread. I used as little force as possible struggling to get one edge to come off and then it...
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    Upgrade 3570k to 7700k or wait?

    Wait or get Ryzen. Kabylake has a major hyperthreading bug. It's so bad that it should be grounds for return if Intel don't fix it soon.
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    Is mixed (DDC+D5) pumps in series a bad idea?

    Run them in series to combine their pumping pressure. It's no different than batteries in a electrical circuit where the waterblocks and radiators act as resistors.
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    My build log and overclocking--i7 7700K kaby lake @ 5.1 GHz watercooled

    Is the Core Temp VID the actual voltage being run through the chip? 1.44V is over the safety limit.
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    OLED 4K 30" 60 Hz - Dell UP3017Q

    The pricing is very similar to the first 4K monitors that used 31.5" Sharp IGZO panels.
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    Anybody regret their 7700k purchase?

    But it's not. Just under 20% absolute and under 10% IPC over IvyBridge is rubbish. It hits 76C at stock under water so you need to add $50 for delidding and there's no guarantee it'll go beyond 4.5Ghz stock without being AVX unstable failing Prime95 and IBT. Waiting for 6-core CoffeeLake or...
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    Anybody regret their 7700k purchase?

    Yes. Going from a 3570K @ 4Ghz to a 7770K @ 4.4Ghz has yielded barely 20% according to IBT from 110glfops to 133gflops which is exactly as I calculated (3% Haswell IPC, 3% Skylake IPC, +0.5Ghz clockspeed). CoffeeLake being released so soon threatens making the 7700K obsolete more than Ryzen...
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    De-lidding without a De-Lidder

    You could try holding the IHS in a vise and using dental floss soaked in alcohol.
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    Is installing "Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software" necessary ?

    Are the 32-bit .exe's and tray icon necessary? If so I'll be uninstalling it.
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    Help Choosing a MB for an i7-7700k

    Gigabyte. Best warranty service by a mile.
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    What memory is better? G.Skill Trident RGB or Corsair Vegence LED

    Given the numerous reports of problems turning off the annoying pulsing LED lighting and poor reputation of the Corsair Link Software which may be needed to be actively running to control the LED's, I'd avoid Vengeance LED.
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    Does your memory pass rowhammer test?

    Historically mem86 was always a complete waste of time for me. 1 day, finds nothing. Then IBT fails in 3 minutes.