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    Upgrading from a Maxwell Titan X

    Thanks for reply gentlemen. I guess I'm going with the 2080. Enigma congrats on that new card.
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    Upgrading from a Maxwell Titan X

    I just want some thoughts on what card to get next. I'm gaming on 1440p with Gsync. I'm thinking on a RTX2070 or RTX2080. The Ti is way off my budget. Best
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    Alright! good luck everyone! My first ASUS motherboard is P3BF - Pentium 3, My first ASUS Video Card are one of those RIVA TNT - Forgot the model but its AGP.
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    Dual display, text not very sharp

    What OS ?
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    120Hz - 90-130FPS Question

    I have a 27in Asus 120hz, I have not seen/noticed tearing on my games. I haven;t tried it on BF3 though.
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    3 Monitors, No Surround, No SLI?

    maybe It might work when you install that beta driver from NVIDIA? Ver. 326.19. They might have change how SLI surround behaves because of the 4K monitor.
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    3 Monitors, No Surround, No SLI?

    Ugh...nevermind you have 1440p it will only alow upto 1920x1200
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    3 Monitors, No Surround, No SLI?

    Your board has a HDMI and DVI ports connect one monitor there. Make sure its activated in the bios and allocate around 64mb of ram.
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    3 Monitors, No Surround, No SLI?

    I had a similar problem before, I own 4 1080p monitors, and decided to change the middle one with a 120hz. So what I did is to activate all 4 displays with SLI enabled while gaming *only* on the 120hz, I had to connect the 2 displays on my onboard video ports. What board do you have anyway?
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    I need a Gaming Mouse!

    My old mouse scroll wheel hit the dirt a week ago, I decided to get the Func MS-3 but it was out of stock locally. I went with the Mionix Naos 8200 instead. I think its really comfortable, You can actually rest all you fingers on the mouse.
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    3 Monitors, No Surround, No SLI?

    If you have an onboard video on your motherboard, then you are in luck.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Gonna tighten up things once I water cool my GPUs.
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    Fractal Design Gallery

    Hey, Thanks. They are actually overclocked 780s, Not Titans, I have no problems with the power supply. Also about the Swiftech, I got no complaints. I am still researching if the pump can handle another Rad for the video cards though. :D
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    Are audiophiles SOL when it comes to voice chat in games?

    damn, I thought this is a headphone thread :o
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    Botched my first loop; dead 6950 with a new cap

    Just want to chip in, I recently parted out my old AMD rig. 2 days ago I replaced the original heatsink of 2 6950s to send to a friend, I used an EK universal block originally. Judging from your photos, that looks like different than one I had, Its either a non-reference card or a different version.