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    z97 is it worth waiting for it?

    if you would like to wait another 10 year things will be totally different again. :D
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    Coil Whine !!

    yes I am pretty sure i almost stuck my head into the case.
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    ASUS rampage extreme 4 question !!

    :D thanks for all the replies
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    Coil Whine !!

    this might be the first time I heard some buzz sounds out of my graphic cards while heavily gaming, I used to have a corsair TX950 without issue . After I switched to 1200i , the Coil Whine happens. Could it possibly be the power supply, even the noise is coming from the GPUs ?
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    ASUS rampage extreme 4 question !!

    Uh I noticed the something at top right corner named LED1and LED2, it shows temperature in bios but in windows it only gives me AA. What about you guys? or How do I change it to temp ?
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    WTF eBay

    you will lose nearly 117.74 , dont forget the final value fee for paypal and shipping.:D
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    WTF eBay

    If i am not wrong, I remember amazon charge 15% for computer components....
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    WTF eBay

    the final value fee is around 13.5% , paypal and shipping is included as well.
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    SPOILERS: New AMD Card Coming

    that s one long axx card
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    Replacing video card

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    What's your backup strategy?

    google docs
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    How To Double Your SSD Capacity

    :D seems legit
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    Seiki SE50UY04 3840x2160 50" TV ($1300)