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    The DHS Issues Medical Advisory for Medtronic Cardiac Devices

    This just means I have to carry around a gun to shoot any would be hacker of my ICD. :-)
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    Facebook Unveils the Oculus Rift S

    Dang, I love my HTC Vive, but am curious how this will work and compare to my old hardware.
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    Intel Might Become the World's Top Chipmaker Again

    Hmmm, I guess they over looked AMD. They are rocken.
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    Boneworks Has the Physics Underpinnings to Be a Next Generation VR Masterpiece

    I love it! VR is the future. Just add a/c to the helmet and zing!
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    Zilog Z8000 Architect Passes Away

    My first PC was a TSR 80 Color computer (4k of memory). Within a year I upgraded to the Atari 400 (6502) then 800xl, and finally an Atari 1040 ST.
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    LG Electronics Surprises Analysts with a 80% Drop in Q4 Operating Profits

    I'm still rocking my Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT25 50-inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV, Black (2010 Model). Looks as good as new, with 3D! Never have had a TV so good. It just won't die, black is black, vibrant color is vibrant color. Burn-in is non- existent. And it's a good space heater in the...
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    NVIDIA Demonstrates Issues with Non-Validated FreeSync Monitors at CES 2019

    I like that they showed bad freesync monitors! These would be bad on AMD as well. The tech has been easy to do. Nivida was just milking it, and certifying that every G-sync monitor worked good., On the plus side if you order one of these and it sucked, send it back.
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    The Evolution of the Knuckles VR Controllers

    These and a ryzen working Vive Wireless is all I want for Christmas. Yep, Could get it to work with my Ryzen 2700. They did let me return it and paid return shipping even.
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    Some Epic Store Games Are Pushing Back or Scrapping Steam Releases

    Steam for me. If it doesn't support steam, I'm not interested.
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    AMD Files Trademark for New Vega Logo

    You know, we had a Chevy Vega back in the day, and that car sucked. Wish they picked a better name. :-)
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    AdoredTV Discusses the Recent AMD Ryzen and Radeon 3000 Series Leaks

    I switched from my 6700k to a Ryzen 2700x for my media PC. It's busy with Media center and a silicon Dust HD system, Steam games, 1070 Vive, bit torrent at times. The 6700k was maxing out, no problems with the 2700x. Go AMD! I still have AMD's first Athlon! It's in my arcade, still...
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    NVIDIA Help Hombres Hit Homerun with HardOCP

    I had to fight for my Nivida Shield Tablet back in the day, after about a month it quit charging. They didn't believe me...anyway they finally caved about about 2 weeks later. My 4 year old tablet is still working and charging just fine.
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    PC Perspective Podcast 520 - No Ryan!!

    Ryan is gone? :eek:
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    Newer Tesla Vehicles Are Getting Upgraded 'Summon' Auto-Parking Features

    I wonder how far it will go, lets say your at a NFL football game, and the nearest free parking space is 1/4 mile away. LOL!