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    Official PS5 Thread

    Memory runs hot which was expected. GN is turning into a channel that just does videos to complain now. I’d prefer the channel more if they did more stress testing with the griping. Does the PS5 melt in a closed entertainment center? What’s the memory temp in those ambient temps and is it...
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    Official PS5 Thread

    It will stand vertical without the sides, even less stable though, and ugly as hell. I’d be happy it’s the PS5 was even larger to he boxy like a PC, or still curvy but with a flat bottom or even just a better stand. And of course I can’t put it in an entertainment center or it would...
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    Official PS5 Thread

    The panels come off very easily. One company started making replacement plates and they got shutdown by Sony in days :| Not only does the PS5 not sit flat on its own, the stupid “horizontal stand” is too small to prevent it from banging around when a kitten walks across it. I think Sony...
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    YouTube will put ads on non-partner videos but won’t pay the creators

    From YouTube’s perspective this is pretty smart. When a non partner channel goes viral, they will manually review the video and channel real quick, then slap ads on the viral video for that sweet revenue. Plus YT is continually working on tools to automatically identify improper channels. The...
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    What’s going to push me over the edge for Netflix is them charging an extra $5 a month to get 4K HDR streams. I feel like we are past that point where that should not be available in the normal tier.
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    You know.... I thought I wanted a 3080. But. If AMD comes through with stock...

    AMD already made the same mistake.
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    Marvel's Avengers

    The single player campaign is decent if you like the Avengers, but it’s hard to root for the non-movie and non-comic book knock off Avenger models they used for the game. For multiplayer they took one of the most diverse and well known fantasy universes to make a game about punching robots and...
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    5800X all core overclock - 4800Mhz @ 72.5℃ with 1.29v

    ^ Run Prime 95 with AVX on for a few hours please.
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    Xbox series X

    My Series X from Target got delivered yesterday. After redoing my home entertainment center a bit, I am super happy with it. I like the new controller a lot, setup was really slick the the XBox mobile app, tons of GamePass content... Its a bit of a miracle these things are only $500 for a 8...
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    [DEAD] Playstation 5 $499.99 available online only on 11/25 9PM EST | Xbox Series X/S at 9PM EST only on 11/25

    For the Xbox, you can buy Complete within 45 days of powering on the console: It’s $50 for three years of Series X and covers accidents.
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    Official PS5 Thread

    Well considering you ordered two impossible to get hardware devices and cancelled the orders, Walmart probably hates you too :)
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    10% more performance on Zen 3 with 4 sticks of ram?! - G Nexus

    This was common knowledge, but GN like to create 25 minutes videos to regurgitate known facts. Or they make a video just to declare everyone else is wrong over pedantic issues, or complain about RGB. This is one of the worst videos GN has put out. I easily figured out 2x16 dual rank sticks was...
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Took three months, however Epic finally figured out they should give people VBucks to replace what they purchased on iOS: Good move to get this figured out before the PS5 and XBox Series X|S launch.
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    PNY RTX 3070 / 3090 In-Stock @ CDW (Warning, overpriced)

    The animated fan is spinning in the wrong direction in that page. I can’t get over it, it’s like manufacturers try as hard as they can to make their custom software terrible.
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    Food from thin air!

    Why don’t they just eat the air? Oh wait...