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    lets be honest the only reason that bitcoin got big was because it wasused to buy illegal products

    People who tote this nonsense are idiots. They have no understanding of how far larger the fiat markets are in that regard.
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    Nintendo announces Switch Lite handheld, $199

    I never use mine outside of the dock. Wish there was a traditional console instead of having the handheld option. Having said that, moot since I already own one.
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    Warning = Bitcoin in coming ..

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    WTB: Ryzen 1700/1700x/1800x/2600/2600x CPUs

    Still looking for more.
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    Hacked Radeon 5870 bios [asus.rom]

    Is this real life? OP bumping a 5-year-old thread when the bios are most likely on the last post of his thread?
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    WTB: Ryzen 1700/1700x/1800x/2600/2600x CPUs

    Looking for Ryzen 1700/1700x/1800x/2600/2600x CPUS. Stock coolers would be preferred but not deal breakers. Prices continue to come down with the upcoming Zen 2 release (check /r/hardwareswap to see what I mean). PM me if you have any and your price shipped to 54701. Thanks.
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    Mine w/ shipping came to $463.78