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    installing xp pro over vista

    So basically I won't be able to do it? I want to sell this laptop but if nobody wants to buy it then I will have to deal with vista :(
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    installing xp pro over vista

    How do I find out if it's the Santa Rosa chipset? What should I do if it is? What if it's not?
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    installing xp pro over vista

    Hey everyone. I have a hp dv9500t laptop that came with vista home premium. however, I don't really like vista and want to use xp pro instead. Has anyone ever installed xp pro over vista on this specific laptop? Should there be any driver/bios/chipset issues? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I got the same desk as well! I took the 2 side shelves off because it felt kinda congested at times. But love your setup
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    I guess my question is "are all video cards with dvi output compatible with monitors with only DVI-D input?" Such as DVI-I etc.
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    Hello everyone, I was wondering about the DVI outputs from video cards and DVI inputs on monitors. If a monitor has a DVI-D input, does the video card have to have a DVI-D output in order for everything to be compatible. BTW, I am looking at the Samsung 226BW and Dell 2407. Thanks for any help.
  7. N - 6GB WD USB 19.95 - no rebates

    pretty nice deal
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    amazing. My room etup is exactly the same way you have it, even the window and the dresser to the right of the desk. I have that same exact desk. Also, I have the same exact phone. Uniden correct? How did you fit 2 lcds on that desk?
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    Mac games are a bit expensive for me. So does anybody know of any good games to play that can be downloaded for free and can be played multiplayer via internet? Thanks And if there are any very good games (rp.fps) that are worth buying, please post. =)
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    best bittorent client

    Anybody have any suggestions for what program to use for torrents in mac os x?
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    best laptop stand for macbook

    Hello everyone, I was at my friend's house earlier today and saw that he had a laptop stand for his macbook. It's the 13 inch model. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good laptop stand for the 13 inch macbook?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    how's that antec 900 case working out for ya?:)
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    Home File Server

    thanks for all the advice guys. it's helping me choose which hardware and software to put together
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    What's the difference?

    I was browsing newegg's website to look at 680i boards. what's the difference between: and They both look exactly the same. I'm confused.