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    The GTX 1660 is Rumored to Launch in Mid March

    i probably shouldnt expect the 1660 TI to be dropping in price anytime soon if the non-TI part is going to be $230 (probably close to 250 from the AIB vendors). might just have to spend that $300 after all.
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    AMD Releases BIOS for Radeon VII with UEFI GOP

    Nobu , Lakados thanks. i learnt something
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    AMD Releases BIOS for Radeon VII with UEFI GOP

    (my) dumb question of the day, what's UEFI GOP and aside from maybe faster boot times, whats the point of the GPU having a UEFI bios? (aint that the motherboard's deal?)
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Rumored with 1536 CUDA Cores

    i would absolutly jump in on GTX 2060 like that.
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    NVIDIA GPP: Meet ASUS AREZ Radeon Series

    were it up to me, i probably would've gone with ARES instead of spelling it with a Z.
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    NVIDIA TITAN V $3000

    sexy piece of metal. need to take off a zero from that price and then we'll talk
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    WD ssds, yay or nay?

    is there any general opinion on western digital's new SSD line? havent seen any reviews on hardOCP, and the couple other sites i follow for this sort of thing. i do recall hearing they bought up sandisk, are these just a rebrand of former-sandisk products? (not that that's necessarily a bad...
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    newbies guide to coin mining?

    fair enough. as an academic exercise then? just to b able to say yeah ive done that
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    newbies guide to coin mining?

    surprised there isnt something stickied in here, and didnt see anything with a cursory look around here, so forgive me if im missing something obvious. how does someone who's woefully inept go about getting started mining? just on the software-side of things, what's recommended for ease-of-use...
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    time-limited windows logon sessions

    here's an interesting puzzler- situation: family PC (windows 10) with several childrens, whom spend way too much time on the computer. mom wants a good way of enforcing time limits for the kids. to my thinking there's two ideal ways of tacking this problem- 1) free/commercial software to be...
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    Official Statement Addressing ‘OC Mode’ On MSI GAMING X Graphics Cards

    hopefully there wont be a repeat of the 660TI shenanigans, bypassing a voltage regulator circuit so it runs faster..
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    [help] laptop wont self power-off

    weird gremlin ive been dealing with since thanksgiving. laptop in question is a lenovo g500 ( i3-3120m, 8gb ram, windows 8/8.1 x64 home) due to this lil gremlin, the laptop has decided it no longer wants to power off, say when ever i tell it to shutdown or restart, which in addition to being...
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    Games that could have been amazing!...buuut sucked?

    ill try: Interstate 76 nitro pack. car combat ala twisted metal with a 70s funk groove. fun right? nope, absolute crapload. graphics were passable, if you're a fan of brown polygons (mechwarrior 2 had less going on on-screen and still managed to do it better). controls i recall as being...
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    ssd for battery life

    something to start with i guess. did a bit more digging and looks like the HDD (western digital wd5000lpvt-24g33t1) is only sata II, rather than III, which im sure would eat into the ssd's performance i had a code for a free copy of true image (or something similar) that came with my current...
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    ssd for battery life

    okay so ive got this lenovo g500 laptop with a 500gb 5400rpm harddrive. i have a couple really long plane trips comming up (actual in-air time plus layovers) so i want to boost my battery life. im already looking to get a second battery, one with higher capacity than the stock battery, but i...