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    Recommeded Synology packages for DS218j? First-time Newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of NAS and I just picked up my first NAS (Synology DS218J) on black friday, along with two 8TB hard drives. Yay! I want to run RAID1 for home backup; family pictures, videos and documents. And be able to access it through my windows computer and android cell...
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    Corsair fan pricing

    Hi, i'm a little late, however, I have an answer for everyone's question! lol. I'm was shopping for fan replacement earlier today and I came across an article that explained the cost difference. "As for...
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    4K performance of 970 vs 980 Ti

    Wait until the next generation of GPU's for 4k gaming. They're currently a generation behind the developers.
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    Benchmarks: 570 gtx vs 970 gtx w/ Phenom ii x4 945

    Of couse a 6700k will out perform a 2500k, that's a 6th generation i7 and $400! I don't think you read my entire reply and/or missed my point. The 2500k is only a $75 temporary solution and with my current funds it's the best bang for my buck. I also highly doubt it will "be a bottleneck in a...
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    Benchmarks: 570 gtx vs 970 gtx w/ Phenom ii x4 945

    I completely agree, however, most of my budget went to the GTX 970. The 2500k is just a temporary solution, however, $150 for a 2500k + z77 is most bang for my buck! Considering there's little improvement over the 2500k for the 3570k or 4670k. I highly doubt it and there's hundreds of reviews...
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    Benchmarks: 570 gtx vs 970 gtx w/ Phenom ii x4 945

    spot saved for 2500k update.
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    Benchmarks: 570 gtx vs 970 gtx w/ Phenom ii x4 945

    I know, I'm way overdue for an upgrade. I recently bought a Zotac GTX 970 and 2500k earlier this week, however, I'm still shopping for a z68 or z77 board for the 2500k. So naturally, I installed the GTX 970 on my phenom x4 945 and ran some benchmarks. The Test: For the testing, I ran the phenom...
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    Attention Adrenaline Junkies: $125 Skydiving hot deal in California, San Diego

    $125 Tandem Skydiving on Groupon ($210 Value) Deal expires midnight today at 12:00AM PST Voucher expires May 31, 2012. You can find this deal here. Click Here [] Also here's a list of local prices if you want to compare prices like I did...
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    Google + invite button is up

    What is this for? ::edit:: Nvm, i just found. I'll try it out if you still have invites. Nightwing749 at gmail dot com
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    [hot] XFX 650w modular PSU @ Egg $50 AR AC FS

    My original post from SD. Thanks OP. I picked this up after reading three great reviews on different websites for this PSU. Really glad I didn't pickup that Corsair 650tx. I've been waiting for a good modular and the Corsair 650tx is a SeaSonic S12; the XFX is a hybrid between the SeaSonic S12...
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    Best card for 1680 x 1050 gaming?

    http://www(dot) hardwarecanucks(dot) com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/34089-nvidia-geforce-gtx-460-1gb-gtx-460-768mb-review(dot) html Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (1680 x 1050 Highest Settings) GTX 460 1GB : 50.81 fps GTX 460 768MB: 48.76 fps ..even Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2560 x...
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    Insane? PS3 $40 + s/h

    w00t!!!!! I got my PS3 today. Thank you 1-day shipping. Proof:
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    3 Invites to, gaming torrent community

    Invites gone.
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    Terran Alpha Squadron Pumpkin, Starcraft 2

    Wasn't sure where I could post this but I figure Starcraft 2 is a PC game. I spent hours trying to think of what to crave my pumpkin this year. I settled on this project after not finding any Starcraft related pumpkins online. I wanted to do something original and Starcraft 2 is one of my...
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    Xbox live 12 month card $19.99 @ Target huge YMMV

    Not true. Ask them to ring both up and the price for the card will not come down. It was a price mistake and I just claimed false advertisement. That's how I got my three cards at two different stores. You must demand to speak with a supervisor because I was refused by the regular employees at...