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    Privacy coins: DeepOnion is close to release DeepSend

    Well, DeepSend is something new, we should see it in action very soon but it looks like it is very hard to identify the people using this technology. Besides this feature, this coin is like All in 1 coin. For example, they have DeepVault (which is a feature to register and verify files through...
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    Privacy coins: DeepOnion is close to release DeepSend

    I´m always checking the latest news of privacy coins because that is the type of cryptos that I usually buy. In this opportunity I´m talking about DeepOnion, one of the privacy cryptos that is not usually mentioned by the media/influencers. I´m following this coin since the release (June 2017)...
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    alt coins a r e d y i n g ...

    The last time that I mined coins I used cloud mining lol. I´m missing those days..
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    Cryptopia officially dead, being liquidated

    I liked that exchange, I bought different cryptos there. I was sad when I saw this new some months ago..
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    So, what privacy coin(s) are you buying?

    I´m buying DeepOnion, the devs are close to release DeepSend.