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    Recommended PSU for Dual System Rig

    I would say with complete confidence that an 1100w PSU is fine for both of those machines, even with a moderate CPU overclock on both. PSU's are grossly oversized to machines any more.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Tried & true Logitech G500S & a Monoprice RGB (lol) mechanical keyboard.
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    3 x 3770 Deliddings (Complete)

    Whats that tool you got there? I delidded mine by hand with a razor blade like I did in the Athlon 64 days. No spacers, no yadda - but this seems like a more consistent way.
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    Will We Soon Enter A New Era of 1080p Budget Gaming?

    This right here. I don't feel like jumping to 4K will be beneficial. If I do, it will have to be a larger screen size, and unfortunately that is not the route I want to go.
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    Monoprice Not Keeping Word on Warranty

    Take the store credit, that is more than fair. They are making it right, you are being picky.
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    AMD's Failure Rates, Part Two (2015 Edition)

    I mean shit, my 7870's are still kicking in CF. They're basically R9 series lolol.
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    Why I Don't Have The Stomach For 'Battlefield 1'

    Society is in the toilet. It's official.
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    Elon Musk Personally Cancelled Customer's $130K Car Order

    More reasons why they should be sold through private dealers like other cars. So the fucking owner can't personally cancel your car order for a little shit talk. Get real, Elon. You aren't the second coming of Jesus.
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    Windows 10 Budges A Bit As Masses Cling To Windows 7

    I'm actually shocked but it appears as if a lot of the machines at my workplace (small company, <100 employees) have been upgraded from XP straight to 10. Refreshing at the least.
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    Gameplay doesn't feel smooth even at 60fps

    Am I the only one who isn't even happy with 60FPS? When did that become a benchmark. I want >90FPS in BF4 and in CS:GO, I prefer >200.
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    Brand new, sealed PlayStation 2 Slim

    Yeah it did :| holy shit lol. Maybe i undervalued it. Oh well.
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    Brand new, sealed PlayStation 2 Slim

    Found this bad boy laying around fellas. Anyone have any interest in "retro" consoles?
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    Samsung Serif TV Preview

    I actually prefer to look up, especially if I'm leaned back. I hate it when people only have their TV's 20-30" or so off the ground. Feels like I'm looking down.
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    Ford Is Launching An Adaptive Steering System
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    Ford Is Launching An Adaptive Steering System

    I thought my Focus ST's "variable ratio rack" does this already..