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    Certification suggestions for intrusion detection/Snort

    cybersailor if you are interested in some Goverment contracting PM me and can go over some details.
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    HumbleBundle Festival of Speed Sale

    I know I enjoy a good racing game and saw a few that were great deals. Enjoy! Festival of Speed Sale
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    Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

    I was curious if it was going to be for other sockets, because would be extremely interested on this with my upcoming I9 build. Do we have an ETA on the kickstarter ?
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    Free copy of Spec Ops on Humble Store!

    Can't be free! Little older game but still quite a bit of fun. Just login, add to cart and done!
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    [Warm] Monitors on VIPOutlet

    I am in the market for a new one, I am going to browse to see what they have. Thanks OP!
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    Free copy of Darkness II on Humble Store!

    My apologies, will do next time :)
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    Free copy of Darkness II on Humble Store!

    Here you all go! Enjoy!
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    ASIC Miners DESTROY GPU Mining?

    And they become a paperweight when they change the algo
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    How can I use my server at home to host my own VPN server?

    As for higher latency/pings this is not always true. With adding another route, yes you would thing you would get much higher but really it is negligible in most cases (this is from my personal experience with my VPNs) as I also twitch stream and my latency on Twtich actually went down when I...
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    How can I use my server at home to host my own VPN server?

    I was just about to say you are looking for an external VPN service like Private Internet Access, Express VPN or NordVPN to name a few. Open VPN would be for you to remote into your network not tunnel your traffic out (this prevents the ISP from seeing traffic) I personally use Express VPN on...
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    Best Box for pfSense

    I purchased the SG-2220 from Netgate couple months back and it has been fantastic. Even with several devices over an Open VPN it handles speeds upwards of 60MB/s down with AES 256CBC and for non vpned traffic maxes my ISP around 330/MB/s down and 30MB/s up.
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    Has anyone tried running two different cards in same rig?

    One of my mining rigs has 4 different 1060 cards in it and works fine. :)
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    Memory overclocking 1060 (Samsung)

    Just got my 1060s yesterday and compared to my 1070s, they OC a lot better on Memory, currently doing +1700 on 5 cards and 1650 on one card. Long term stability is not known yet but will be TBD.
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    Memory overclocking 1060 (Samsung)

    Are you running on Windows or Linux? There is a huge difference in OC between the two OS's because of how the drivers are. On Linux I see standard OC between 1100-1700.
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    Post your mining rigs!

    I will have to take another look at it. 20 is what I am at and I noticed for every 5 or so I would loose .5m/h on ETH but will do some experimenting with it again :)